Comprehensive Employee Investigation Software Uncovers Insider Threats

Benedon's search for a computer and employee monitoring solution was short and sweet. Benedon knew comprehensive monitoring software existed. Benedon reached out to a friend in the business, and they recommended Veriato. After a round of due diligence, Benedon was convinced the Veriato product would do the job well. “When we had suspicions, we decided not to wait until the damage was done, and bought Veriato Investigator to help," said Benedon.

"When we got the software, we had an investigation going on," said Benedon. "The very first day, using Veriato Investigator snapshots, I watched someone producing documents that were an obvious major liability to the company."

"I went to our VP with a printout of a screenshot. He showed it to the employee and asked her for the corresponding file. All she could say was "where did you get that?" That was the beginning of the "stuff" hitting the fan. The findings reverberated throughout the office. Once they saw all the capabilities of the software, even their facial expressions changed"

'On the first day, we were able to discover problem activity. The boss said it was worth every penny we paid, and it wasn’t even 24 hours old yet."

Veriato Investigator uncovered subsequent insider threats at Ashton Financial. An employee was getting ready to leave the company and began transferring files via email. After reviewing the data collected, Benedon was able to confront the employee.

"This was important data, like the customer list," said Benedon. "We caught her dead. It's against the law. It's company property, not the employee's."