Maximized Productivity Made Simple

Veriato Cerebral adds a whole new dimension to employee monitoring, letting you record and review anything or everything that your employees do on their PCs, Macs and Android devices. Cerebral offers simple implementation with cloud and on-premise options. You can deploy and manage the recorders from the Cerebral dashboard, so that you never have to physically visit the employees’ machines.

  • See which employees spend half the day on Facebook, Amazon or playing fantasy football
  • Get scheduled productivity reports (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Understand exactly how long employees are “actively” working
  • Eliminate risky and inappropriate use of the internet
  • Monitor remote workers productivity
  • Protect against data theft (client lists, financials, patient info., credit card info. etc.)
Social Media Activity Stats

Record Anything & Everything

  • Chats & instant messages
  • Social media sites
  • Emails sent and received
  • File downloads
  • Online searches
  • Web sites visited
  • Application usage
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Network connections & bandwidth consumed
  • Documents printed or copied to a USB sticks

Screen Recordings and DVR Playback

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at each PC/MAC/Android, filming all on screen activity, and storing it securely for later review. Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR takes snapshots of everything on the computer screen – as often as once per second, creating a digital surveillance recording, that you can playback later to see everything that the employee did on their computer. Recordings can be exported as JPG or AVI files and used as management tools, for HR actions or even as legally binding evidence for prosecutions or in defense of wrongful termination suits.

Searchable Video Review

Reviewing the screen recordings is simple with Veriato's easy to use DVR-like controls. Just click "PLAY" to see exactly what they were doing on the computer. Cerebral makes searching through hundreds of hours of video simple with it's Smart Search feature. Simply input a keyword and Cerebral will quickly locate the specific video clips, screen-shots and logs that you're looking for. Skip ahead, rewind, jump to a specific date and time or even print individual screenshots for use as a management tool or for evidence.

Productivity Tracking

Cerebral will track how long a program is open and more importantly, how long an employee is actively using it. An accounts receivable rep. having an accounting program open all day, but only using it for 15 minutes is a sure sign of trouble!

Keyword and Event Alerting

Receive productivity alerts (Joe has been on Facebook for 5 hours) and security alerts (Kurt just uploaded the complete client list to a cloud account). Keywords are customizable words or phrases that are specific to your company, such as sensitive documents or project names. Additionally, Cerebral provides standard keyword lists for indicators of fraud, hate speech, violence and hacking.

Top 4 Time Wasters

  • Reading news websites-1 hr. & 5 mins.
  • Checking social media-44 mins.
  • Chatting with co-workers - 40mins.
  • Searching for new jobs - 26mins.

Cerebral AI

Cerebral's AI is watching all employees 24/7. When it sees unusual behavior that indicates a possible threat, it will alert you right away, so that you can review the video and take action

Insider Attacks

An Extreme Risk for Small & Midsized Companies

69% of employees admit to taking valuable data when they left a job and 71% percent of U.S. workers are so unhappy at work, that they are looking for a new job.* This terrifying fact should alarm all companies, but small and mid-sized businesses are in greater peril from disgruntled employees because:

  • Most employees have access to all company data
  • SMBs lack advanced technologies to spot risks
  • SMBs work in a highly competitive local market
  • Financial hits caused by a breach can cripple a small business

ROI & Day-to-Day Operational Impact

If you could see which employees were working hard and which were wasting time, how much more productive could your team be? 1%? 10%? 20%?

How much is your time worth? Reducing management time and hassle and gaining back hours each week is every manager’s dream. If your team was working at peak efficiency, how many hours would you gain per day? ½ hour? 1 hour? 2 hours?

ROI Calculation #1

Team Productivity

If your annual revenue = $2.5 million
1% increase in productivity = $25K additional revenue
10% increase in productivity = $250K additional revenue
20% increase in productivity = $500K additional revenue

ROI Calculation #2

Your Time

If you’re time is worth $150/hr.
½ hour saved per day = $18k/year
1 hour saved per day = $36k/year
2 hour saved per day = $72k/year

ROI Calculation #3

Your Stress

Reducing your stress level… priceless!


How Veriato Works

Veriato is endpoint-based, which ensures organizations have complete visibility into user behavior, regardless of application. By creating an audit trail that spans the entirety of a user’s activity – which includes application and resource usage, communications, web activity, and more – detection of threats (both analytics- and action-based), investigations, and contextual response is simplified.

Veriato CEREBRAL watching WATCHING

Cerebral continually watches all user behaviors on every Windows workstation and server, MAC and Android device. It monitors all files, application, emails, chats, internet and network usage, psycholinguistics and more.

Veriato CEREBRAL analyzing ANALYZING

Veriato AI continually analyzes all user behavior for signs of threat, including indications of stolen credentials.

iVeriato CEREBRAL alerting ALERTING

As soon as a threat is detected, Cerebral alerts the security team. Additionally, integrated alerting minimizes the security team’s workload.

Veriato CEREBRAL seeing SEEING

Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR gives you an immediate video playback of the user’s on-screen actions. This allows you to quickly see the nature of the threat.

Veriato CEREBRAL reacting REACTING

Video playback lets you react immediately and with 100% confidence, notifying building security and management while you isolate the endpoint from the network. Additionally, Cerebral's video evidence is crucial for legal action.

Veriato’s unmatched visibility into user activity serves as the basis for behavioral analytics and activity monitoring, which together provide accurate early detection of both potential and active threats.

Employee Monitoring Made Simple

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