Veriato Cerebral Detects Intellectual Property Theft

"We needed to monitor a number of devices in one of our Police stations," said John*. After trying a popular remote control software product, they found it to be lacking in features and technology. After a thorough review of the powerful information and employee monitoring features with Veriato, the Agency rolled the software out to 1,000 devices as a proof of concept evaluation, which immediately was deemed a success.

With a powerful Dashboard, as well as plenty of seeded and custom reports, the Agency team was impressed at how easy Veriato is to install and use. "During our evaluation, we caught an officer leaking information, intellectual property he apparently planned to sell," said Joe*. "The time to learn what is needed for our investigations was minimal. I found Veriato user-friendly and was very impressed. Using the Dashboard, you can navigate the program quite simply." According to Sr. Network Analyst John*, "The screenshots are easy to playback, and are very powerful! It has logs, charts, and reports - all very powerful stuff! Veriato overall is surprisingly easy to use!"

"Everyone in IT is used to standard logs that are difficult to go through," said John. "Cerebral did not present anything like that. I was taken aback at how good Cerebral is at what it does, and also that it does it without the computer user being aware."

"I was impressed with how easily we were able to deploy Veriato on a large scale. Given the highly sensitive nature of our data, if we're preventing information leaks with Cerebral, we could be preventing loss of life" said Joe.

*The name of the employees and the Agency have been withheld to maintain privacy and security.