"We looked at a couple of monitoring programs, sharing information and best practices between our main operations here in the Philippines and another office we have in Brazil. We did comparisons of the software, with charts and component features. It came down to capabilities plus cost per client computer, said COO Christopher Syling. "When we got to Veriato , we said "this is the one we need"

"One of the first things we saw is that Cerebral is very powerful," said Syling. "It monitors everything. We reviewed its capabilities and appreciated its flexibility in some areas where we were sensitive to being too strict. We chose to be somewhat less strict in some cases."

"Safety of data is important. We have defined assets to protect, and we monitor to help protect that data. We restrict access to only those approved ... but we need to be able to check files moving in and out, and to monitor those with confidential data.

Level Up! also recognized monitoring as an important investigative tool.

"We wanted to be able to validate ... to see if they're doing something wrong or not ... and when doing that, we wanted to be able to have insightful data clearly generated by a tool. A suspicious activity may prove to be false at the end of the day, but nevertheless, we need to have a means to validate these activities and ensure our assets are protected."

"Cerebral is more than an audit tool ... it is more than security ... Cerebral allows us to protect assets and manage productivity."