Which would you rather?

Traditional Detection

Uses thousands of points of network data and a SIEM solution to try to deduce threat activity and then start investigations to determine if the activity is a true threat.


Intelligent Monitoring & AI Analysis

Uses predictive analytics to pinpoint potential threats and immediately view endpoint video and see exactly what’s happening.

Predictive Threat Detection with Veriato


Unmatched Visibility

Endpoint-based monitoring captures detailed user interaction with applications, data, email, web, chat, and more


Proactive Profiling

Veriato creates a digital fingerprint of each user’s behavior, simplifying detection of unusual activity


Predictive Analysis

AI-based learning leverages linguistic predicators and shifts in sentiment to identify leading indicators of a potential threat


Anomaly Detection

User activity can compare a user against their own baseline, a group, or everyone in the network to detect suspicious behavior


Robust Alerting

Notifications can be sent based on behavioral anomalies, specific activity, or custom conditions


Contextual Audit Trail

Investigations include every detail of what transpired – regardless of application – before, during, and after the action in question


Video Playback

Screen recordings immediately provide the true context. Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR allows video playback of all activity from 5 minutes ago or 5 weeks ago to see attack strategies as well as internal or external accomplices


Insightful Response

IR teams can respond immediately with precision, understanding the nature and scope of the threat – and what to do about it


Chain of Evidence

Endpoint-based monitoring captures detailed user interaction with applications, data, email, web, chat, and more. Legal evidence in the form of video, images, log files and reports have been successfully used by hundreds of Veriato clients in courts worldwide

How Veriato Does It

Veriato helps organizations to detect and respond to threats through both predictive leading indicators based on user behavior, and detailed, contextual, rich logging of all user activity:


User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Veriato’s AI technology builds standard behavior and communication profiles of users over time, comparing individual and peer group activity. Anomalous activity is alerted as suspicious, helping the security team pinpoint threats.

User Activity Monitoring (UAM)

Veriato’s UAM technology captures user activity at the endpoint, creating a detailed audit trail that provide actionable intelligence used for threat detection, activity review, reporting, alerting, and investigations.

Veriato’s integrated platform provides complete visibility into the individual actions of each user, while maintaining the privacy of employees.