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Fighting Recidivism of High-Risk Offenders With Veriato

The Challenge

In over 3,000 counties in all 50 states of the United States, probation officers, parole agents and other community supervision professionals at federal, state and local levels must grapple with how to integrate and monitor high-risk individuals as they reintegrate into society or await trial. The risks are high as certain crimes involving violence or sexual assaults are also associated with high recidivism rates. Yet the costs of constant incarceration are also a strain on government budgets.

In 2016, over 4.5 million adults were under parole or pretrial supervision according to the Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics. Moreover, 44% of these individuals fall into high-risk categories of violent or sex crime as well as drug-related offenders. According to the same statistics, of those individuals paroled in 2016, 27% returned to prison either by having their parole revoked or for new crimes.

In order to deal with these staggering numbers and meet public safety concerns over high-risk offenders, federal, state and local jurisdictions are relying more and more not just on physical monitoring such as ankle bracelets but also tracking of movement through electronic devices and online activities as a condition of parole or pretrial release.

One company that provides monitoring of online activities of high-risk offenders is AJ Monitoring. AJ Monitoring works with over 100 probation officers, therapists, and pre-trial officers in the state of Colorado to monitor the online activity of approximately 225 registered sex offenders. The company has been in business for three years.

Getting complete information and generating accurate reports is vital to allowing everyone to do their job to the best of their ability and protect the public from re-offenders. AJ Monitoring determined that Veriato threat detection software was the best solution to meet their needs in 2017.

AJ Monitoring - Wheat Ridge, CO

AJ Monitoring utilizes advanced technology to monitor the computers, cell phones, and tablets of Parolees.


How Did We Help

Veriato Insider Threat solutions provide visibility and alerts to user risks as they access computer and mobile devices. Whether searching for or sending violent or inappropriate content or communicating with individuals in violation of release conditions, Veriato will provide the context behind those infractions or verify that those under community supervision adhere to their release guidelines, even providing geofencing capabilities to ensure public safety is met.

Without online monitoring, many parolees would be unable to secure employment. By collaborating with employers and providing strong monitoring, parole officers can ensure release conditions are met and those under community supervision can more easily obtain jobs and reenter society. Detailed alerts and reporting of online activities give the supervisors immediate notification of violations and thorough reports to validate that release conditions are met.

Veriato helps companies like AJ Monitoring get to the data they need, when and how they need it.

“Some of the other solutions, record about half of what we need,” said Justin Petersen, Owner/Operator, AJ Monitoring, LLC. “Maybe I’ll only get logs for 30 days and don’t have an option to keep them longer. Or, if I want that option using their server, it’s going to cost me $10,000 more because I want more screenshots. Veriato gives us the freedom to choose exactly what data we need and how we want it.”

In the ever-changing world of Windows and Mac products and computers, AJ Monitoring was impressed at how fast Veriato keeps up with these changes.

“In my job, there can’t be a gap in service,” said Petersen. “You’re not going to get better support with anyone else, as quickly and efficiently as Veriato responds to them.”

The Results

AJ Monitoring is able to generate clean, easy-to-read reporting through Veriato’s intuitive console. The product also gives them control and flexibility on what data is reported.

“Probation officers actually don’t want a lot of information on these reports - they rely on us to filter through to what’s important,” said Petersen. “The way that Veriato auto generates custom reports is perfect. It allows me to specify ‘I want all logs from the 25th of this month to go into this folder.’ That allows my staff to generate what officers are looking for without having to wade through unnecessary information.”

Veriato’s screen capture records everything AJ Monitoring needs, and how often they need it. Video playback of screen activity lets AJ Monitoring see exactly what happened, in context. There are fewer gray areas - nothing is more effective than pictures.

Rapid search capabilities reduce investigation time and enhance reporting capabilities. “We’ve had probation officers who call and ask if we’ll look back and find a particular word, such as a victim’s name or a specific website,” said Petersen. “The fact that we can do that so quickly and so easily and get them an excel sheet or a PDF so quickly, shows a lot about the product.”

“Having that efficient of a product makes our company look good,” noted Petersen. “It’s not something that we could do with any other software we’ve used. We couldn’t dig deep into an investigation as efficiently and quickly the way we can with Veriato. Having the best monitoring software makes it that much easier for probation officers, and for me and my staff, to do our jobs, and in the end, that keeps the public safer”.


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