Veriato Workplace Monitor Support

The current release of Workplace Monitor is Build

Getting Started

step 1

Find your serial number.

Whenever you want to download, install, or receive Technical Support for Workplace Monitor, you will need your serial number. Look for it at the top of this page.

step 2

Log in as an Administrator.


To install Workplace Monitor, you must be logged in as a local Administrator user. Find out who is logged in by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting Task Manager and Users. If you don't know if this user is in the Administrators group, check User Accounts in the Windows Control Panel.

step 3

Temporarily disable any antivirus or anti-spyware software.


These products may prevent the Workplace Monitor installation.

step 4

Click "Download Now" above.

The Workplace Monitor installer (.exe) begins to download. The 9.x MB file takes about 60 seconds to download. Depending on your Internet browser, a download message appears in a window or at the top or bottom of the browser window.

Internet Explorer prompts you to Run or Save the file at the bottom of the window. "Run" downloads and starts the installation immediately. "Save" saves to your Downloads folder and then prompts you to "Run" or use "Open folder" to view the file.

Chrome downloads the file and then, at the bottom of the window, allows you click the file name to run it or "Show all downloads."

Firefox asks you to confirm "Save File," and, following the download, allows you to "Open" (run the installation) the file or open the folder where the file was saved.

A message may tell you that the "...publisher could not be verified" for the file .exe. This is expected. Click Run again to proceed with installation. Workplace Monitor will NOT harm your computer!


Run the setup file you downloaded. If you are re-installing, you will be prompted for the current Workplace Monitor password. Follow the on-screen instructions:
step 1

Respond to agreements.

You must agree to install Workplace Monitor only on a computer you own. Read and accept the full SpectorSoft Software License agreement. You must install this software on a single computer, unless you purchase multiple licenses. You cannot switch a license from one computer to another.

step 2

Enter your serial number and contact email address.

This email address is used by Veriato to identify the owner of the software and is important if you lose your password or serial number. Copy and paste (or type) your serial number. Note that all are digits EXCEPT the 5th and 6th characters, which are letters. Click OK.

step 3

Select the Complete installation.

Use the Complete installation to record activity on a computer. Use a Viewer Only installation to monitor another recorded computer on your local area network. Click Next.

step 4

Select installation options.

Password - Enter a password to use when you open Workplace Monitor on this computer.

Confirm Password - Type the same password again.

Hotkey Sequence - Note the default sequence: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. You will press these keys to access Workplace Monitor.

Visible - Installs Workplace Monitor as a visible program.

Stealth - Installs a "hidden" Workplace Monitor that can only be accessed using the hotkey sequence and password.


REMEMBER your password and hotkey sequence!.

step 5

Save files to exclude from antivirus scans.

A panel with a red stop sign appears if antivirus or anti-spyware software is detected on this computer. You may need to EXCLUDE the Workplace Monitor installation folder (or each installed Workplace Monitor file) within each listed antivirus program.

Click the Save button to create a document listing the folder and files for this particular installation. Check the box indicating you have read the warning. You can then click Continue.

step 6

Would you like to remove the Workplace Monitor installation file?

If you selected the Stealth setup, a message asks if you want to remove the setup file. Click Yes to remove it or No to keep the .exe setup file.

step 7

Read or print the Release Notes.

After reading the notes, close this window. Click the Close link to proceed.

step 8

Complete the Setup.

References to Workplace Monitor and the Veriato web site will be deleted from Internet Explorer. The computer must be restarted to complete the installation. If you need to exclude Workplace Monitor from antivirus scanning, do so before restarting the computer. Click Finish when you are ready

step 9

Open Workplace Monitor.

When the computer restarts, Workplace Monitor automatically starts recording PC and Internet activity. Use your HOTKEY SEQUENCE to access Workplace Monitor. The default HotKey Sequence is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. Press and hold Ctrl and Alt and Shift and then press S. If you changed the HotKey Se

Select SETTINGS or PROFILES in the upper right corner to change the Workplace Monitor configuration. Select HELP in the upper right corner for detailed information on using Workplace Monitor.


Be sure to delete or move the list of Workplace Monitor files you created during the installation before leaving the computer.

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