Veriato Investigator Support

The current release of Veriato Investigator is Version

Getting Started

step 1

Download and Install

Download and extract the compressed  setup file and then run the .exe program at the computer where you want to install or upgrade Veriato Investigator.


  • Antivirus software can interfere with installation. You will be prompted to disable antivirus scanning before you begin and exclude all Veriato Investigator files from future antivirus scanning before re-enabling it.
  • Veriato Investigator requires 1 GB free disk space to install and begin recording. Ongoing, you will need an additional 10-30 MB per computer per day to store data. See the  Deployment Guide  for more information.
step 2

New Installs: Credentials

If this is a NEW installation, when the setup is finished, the Control Center automatically opens and prompts you to personalize your installation. If you are upgrading, your previous credentials will be used.

  • Enter a password to access Veriato Investigator.
    Type and confirm a new, unique and secure password. You will use this password to open the Veriato Investigator Control Center.
  • Enter Control Center Server (CCS) credentials.
    Enter the Windows account name and password for a network Windows account with Administrator privileges.


    • The Control Center Server is a Windows service that manages Veriato Investigator recording. It requires administrator user privileges on this computer and on each Windows computer receiving a Veriato Investigator Recorder installation. You can use a Local Administrator to get started and change the credentials from the Control Center before you deploy the Recorder.
    • You will need Administrator credentials for each Mac you record, too. See the Deployment Guide for more information.
step 3

Activate the Installation

After you have provided credentials, you are prompted to activate Veriato Investigator. Look for your product activation key in the email purchase receipt you received from Veriato.

Copy and paste the key into the Activate Product form. After the product successfully activates, select Computers | Manage Computer Licenses to view a list of your "Unused" licenses. You will use one license for each computer you record. See the Deployment Guide to learn about the different license types.


    • You will assign a license when installing the Recorder. Each Recorder needs an active license to operate correctly.
step 4

Install a Recorder

If this is a new Veriato Investigator installation, you will need to Add Computers to Veriato Investigator. If a prompt does not appear, select Computers | Manage Computers | Add Computers.

The Add Computers wizard can add both Windows and Mac computers and schedule them for Recorder installation. You might want to start with one or two test Recorders to begin.

Be sure to review the prerequisites for Mac installation. If you are on a Workgroup network, follow instructions in the Deployment Guide.


  • By default, the Recorder installation runs in "stealth mode" and restarts the computer without warning. If you don't want this to happen, change the Recording Profile assigned to these computers before scheduling Recorder installation.
  • Each computer receiving a Recorder installation uses one license.
  • If a computer continues to appear as Not Detected in the Control Center Computers list, verify that the Control Center Server has Administrator credentials on the computer.
step 5 

Monitor Computer Activity

As soon as the Recorder is installed, it starts recording and sending data from network computers to the central Veriato Investigator Data Vault folder. After several minutes, you can start reviewing user activity from the Control Center's Viewer. Use Refresh (F5) to update views with new data.

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NOTE: A license is required for each Veriato Client Recorder installed. Each Monitored Endpoint and Term license is reserved for a specific workstation and cannot be moved to another workstation. To order additional licenses, email us at or call (888) 598-2788.  If you need further assistance contact Veriato Technical Support or call (772) 770-5670.