Veriato Disk Monitor

Veriato Disk Monitor Support

The current release of Disk Monitor is Build 1291.

Getting Started

step 1

Download and Install

Download the software, selecting the version (64-bit or 32-bit) best suited for the server you wish to install on. Once downloaded, run the .exe program on the server you want to install Server Manager onto.

Run the executable and follow the on-screen instructions in the InstallShield Wizard. The installation will copy new files, shortcuts, services, and remove backup files.

Note: The installation also detects if the .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is already installed. If not, the framework is automatically downloaded from Microsoft and then installed. Please note the framework may take a significant amount of time to install.

You will need to click Finish to close out the Install Shield Wizard upon completion.

step 2

Product Registration

Once the installation has successfully completed, you will notice that there are several windows that open up including the Readme, Server Manager Console, and a Trial Notice dialog.

The Trial Notice dialog is used both for product evaluations and product purchases. To register your software, click on the "Register License…" button. A new dialog will appear that you can enter your email address and the license key that you received from Veriato.

Note:   You must use the email address that was used to purchase the product. If another individual at your organization made the purchase, please check with them for the email address used.

Once you have entered the email address and license key, press the "Submit" button to begin the license registration process. A message will display when the license has been successfully registered.

If your server is running in an offline environment, you will need to visit the Offline License Registration page. On this page you will need to provide Veriato with your email address, serial number, the MAC address of the server you installed Server Manager on, and finally the number of nodes you want to monitor from the server. With all of this information, Veriato will generate a license file, and email it you at the email address you provide. Instructions will be included in the email on how to install the license file.

step 3

Software Configuration

After successful registration, the Server Manager Configuration Wizard starts automatically for new installs. The wizard walks you through the most important configurations to get Server Manger up and running: Service Credentials, Email Settings, and the Database Settings for the repositories.

A. Service Credentials:
Configure the Service Credentials by following the onscreen instructions. The Server Manager Service executes all configured functionality using the account the service is logged on as. In order for the service to access network resources (For example, CPU load, disk space, sending email through Exchange Server or connecting to SQL Server databases that require Windows Authentication), it must run with either domain or local administrator credentials (For more information, see "Service Connections" in the Help.)

B. Email Settings:
Configure the Email Settings following the onscreen instructions. In order for Server Manager to email alerts, notifications, and reports, configure the connection to the email server you would like to send email through and, if required, enter the username/password combination (For more information, see "Email Settings" in the Help.)

C. Database Settings:
Configuring Server Manager to use a Database (For more information, see "Database Settings" in the Help). Server Manager supports SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle as well as our own file system format (Local File System) when a database is not an option. Server Manager has been optimized for SQL Server 2012/8/5.

  • History Repository contains monitor, report, and Auto Configuration history. For example, disk space history.
  • Primary Log Repository contains the LATEST consolidated log entries. For example, Windows Event Logs, Syslogs, and application text logs.
  • Archive Log Repository contains older consolidated logs that have been archived out of the Primary Repository. Typically used to view old database backups for auditing purposes.
step 4

Configure Server Manager Properties

In the Server Manager Console, to view the Server Manager Properties, from the Edit menu item select Server Manager Properties.

  • Installed Licenses: This area will show you the license(s) registered with the specific installation of Server Manager.
  • License Detail: This area provides details about the product, your software purchase, license, node registration, and registration information.
  • Registration List: This area will show you information about the server the product is installed on and how many nodes are registered to be monitored by this server. If the server is operating in an online environment, the area may also show your other Server Manager installations (on other servers) as well as the number of nodes registered to each. This allows you to manage the node distribution across your environment. If you would like to adjust the nodes for a particular installation, just select the server from the list and click the "Set Maximum Node Count" button and enter the number of nodes you would like registered to that server.

If you need further assistance contact Veriato Technical Support or call (772) 770-5670.