Veriato 360

Product Download

Getting Started

Before Installation, we recommend the following:

  • Disable antivirus scanning before installing and exclude Veriato 360 files from future antivirus scanning (Don't worry, you can turn AV scanning back on after install)
  • Install only on Windows 64-bit OS:
    -Windows 10, 8.1
    -Windows Server 2016, Server 2012
  • 40 GB free disk space to install Veriato 360
Step 1

Download the installation file

Download the setup file at the computer where you want to install Veriato 360. Extract the compressed file. Find the executable VeriatoSetup file in the Installer folder and run it on the computer where you want to install the Veriato Server.

Step 2

Select an option for installing

After agreeing to the terms of the end user license and noting the instructions for antivirus exclusions, you will choose a type of installation.

  • Quick Install - Recommended for evaluation and smaller organizations. Installs and configures a complete Veriato server on one machine, providing a size-limited SQL Server Express instance.
  • Install with Options - Offers additional setup choices, with the option to use an existing SQL Server 2016 installation. Refer to the Deployment Guide for details.
  • Install Database Only - If your SQL Server 2016 installation will be located on a different network computer, start on the SQL Server machine with this option. Installs and configures the Veriato database on a new, empty SQL Server instance. You will then use “Install with Options” on the server machine to configure a Veriato Server that connects to the this Veriato instance.
Step 3

Create a master login account

The Master Login Account has all privileges and access within your Veriato installation, similar to a System Administrator.

  • Email address - The email address you enter will be used to deliver email notification for system and Recon alerts until you configure additional “operators.” The email address can be the Master Account user name, or you can uncheck “Use email as login name” and enter a unique SQL account name.
  • Password - Create a secure password for your Master Account.
  • How to send alert emails - “Veriato email relay” delivers Recon alert email securely. If you prefer, configure your own SMTP relay service now, or at any time later from the Management Console.
Step 4

Log in and activate the product

When the server installation is complete, the Login panel appears. Enter the Master Account credentials you just created to log in to the Management Console.

The Management Console immediately prompts you to activate. Copy the product key from your trial confirmation email and paste it in the product key field. Click Activate Now. Wait for licenses to activate and Recorder Versions to download

You can install only after you activate the product.
Step 5

Install a Recorder

After activating, click Add Recorders on the Welcome page or select Recorders from the sidebar. At the top of the “Ungrouped” Recorders page, click Deployment | Add Recorder. Follow the wizard steps to select a device from your network, schedule Recorder installation (requires administrator-user credentials on the device), assign a Veriato 360 license, and click Install.

When the installation is submitted, you can view its progress in the “Ungrouped” device list.

Step 6

Monitor User Activity

The Recorder begins capturing information immediately following successful installation. Use the recorded "test" computer to send email, chat, surf the web, and work in programs.

Within minutes, you will be able to review recorded activity in the 360 Dashboard, Data Explorer, and for individual Users.

NOTE: Your trial key is valid for installing one server-based management console and the Veriato Client on one network workstation for each license requested. Once the Veriato Client is installed on a workstation, a license is reserved specifically for that workstation and cannot be moved to another workstation.  To order licenses or request a quote, email us at If you need further technical assistance contact or call us toll-free (888) 598-2788.