Workplace Productivity

Protecting Data from Insider Attack

Getting a clear picture of how work gets done yields countless benefits. Relying solely on the opinions of supervisors, without data to support their conclusions, introduces the potential for bias to creep in and for things to slip through the cracks.

Having a system of record that clearly and dispassionately presents employee activity can, and does, improve the bottom line and help sharpen decision-making. This is especially important in organizations that embrace telecommuting.

Improve Efficiency
Just as athletes and their trainers have embraced sophisticated video analysis that enables highlighting of even the smallest flaw, the way we review and train knowledge workers must evolve. If “tweaking” processes used by your employees returns even 1% greater effectiveness per person; what is the overall impact to your bottom line?
Identify Outliers
Everyone takes breaks, and it’s almost impossible to ignore life outside the office during work hours. Identifying what the normal amount of non-work related employee activity is, and being able to address excessive non-work activity, allows for optimal performance and protects against complaints of being singled out.
Plan Effectively
Creating and staffing plans that ensure the organization has the right number of people in the right positions is at least an annual occurrence in most organizations. Having detailed data on workloads and workflows enables more effective planning, and makes requests for additional resources easier to defend.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato 360 provides the visibility into employee and group activity needed, in a uniquely accurate way. Our Total Time – Focus Time – Active Time approach provides real intelligence, and dozens of out-of –the-box reports, and easy-to-use dashboard, and video playback capability work together to get you answers quickly and easily.