Telecommuting Shouldn’t Mean Loss of Control & Productivity for Your Company

Transitioning to a workforce that’s suddenly teleworking from home, presents many challenges. Losing visibility into what your employees are doing shouldn’t be one of them.

Productivity May Rise for Some But Drop for Others

Although some thrive in a telecommuting environment, one that requires self-discipline, self-direction and self-motivation, others will struggle. How do you know who needs help and guidance and who doesn’t. Understanding what employees are doing all day is crucial when managing a remote workforce and Veriato provides the visibility you need to effectively coach remote employees.

Employee Visibility gives you critical insights and visibility into:

  • What hours employees are working
  • How much they’re working
  • What they’re spending their time on
  • Do they need coaching
  • Do They need training
  • Is an employee struggling with the change to telework
  • Does a group or department need attention
    • Do they need more structure or more communication
    • Does a manager need help managing their newly remote team
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Complete Visibility

Veriato software can track every employee’s productivity (in office or when telecommuting) and show results in easy to read dashboards and reports. You’ll gain back the visibility that’s crucial to managing a productive team. Veriato comes with preprogrammed productivity reports as well as a custom report generator. Veriato’s simple to read dashboards give group overviews and drill down detail capabilities, making productivity analysis powerful and efficient.

Complete Control

You will decide exactly who and what will be monitored. You can monitor individuals, groups, departments or the whole organization. You can monitor just the use of work applications or all activity on the employees PC/Mac/Android… or anything in between.  You can also choose to capture screen recording of anything that happens on a device at any time.

Team Productivity Summary (weekly Vision report shown)

vision employee list

Daily Activity Detail (for individual employees in Vision Dashboard)

vision drill down

See the details of each person’s daily activity. You’ll have visibility into how long a program is open, but more importantly, you’ll see how long an employee is actively using it. When an accounts receivable specialist has an accounting program open all day, but only uses it for 15 minutes, it’s a sure sign of trouble!

Specialized Coronavirus Kit

For Remote / Home Worker Monitoring

We’re providing specialized pricing to assist businesses during this difficult period. It‘s a huge challenge to suddenly restructure a business to accommodate home workers, while maintaining a productive business. Veriato and our partners are here to help.

If you need technical assistance deploying Veriato, we have experienced partners worldwide that can assist you in quickly rolling out your Veriato remote monitoring solution.



AMERICAS 561-209-1240

EMEA/APAC +44 (0) 1483 662888


Metric Driven Monitoring Of Remote Workers

Effectively Transitioning To A Remote Workforce

Prior to March 2020, a full third of companies allowed some employees to work from home, with up to 25% of Americans telecommuting at least once a week. With technologies such as cloud-based applications, video conferencing, VoIP calling, and others in play, remote employees are fully enabled to get their job done, no matter where they are.

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Same Day, Remote Deployment

Veriato agents are remotely deployed out to Windows, Mac and Android devices from the central management console. As soon as the agent is installed on the remote device it begins analyzing and recording all device activity.

Veriato offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options to fit your environment.

The Veriato agent is very light weight and can be deployed remotely so that you never have to go touch the employees device. Additionally it can be deployed in “stealth” making Veriato invisible to the end user.

Screen Recordings & DVR Playback

Veriato acts like a digital surveillance camera pointed directly at the employee's PC, Mac, or Android device. The system takes snapshots of everything that appears on a remote worker's screen and played back with DVR controls.

These recordings can be exported as JPG or AVI files for use as management tools. In the event of wrongdoing screenshot recordings become critical evidence for HR actions, as evidence in wrongful termination suits or in legal proceedings.

Record Anything & Everything

  • Chats & instant messages
  • Social media sites
  • Emails sent and received
  • File downloads
  • Online searches
  • Web sites visited
  • Application usage
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Network connections & bandwidth consumed
  • Documents printed or copied to a USB sticks
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Next-Gen Employee Behavior Monitoring & Analytics

User Behavior Analytics (UEBA)+ User Activity Monitoring (UAM) + Risk Scoring

  • Track, Analyze & Record all user activity (at home or in office)
  • Provides daily productivity reports
  • Fine Grain control over who and what is monitored
  • See who is on social media or shopping Amazon all-day
  • Psycholinguistic sentiment analysis (disengagement indicator)
  • Proactive threat hunting (fraud, data theft, etc.)
  • Screenshot recordings with video playback
  • Dramatically simplifies compliance reporting
  • Deploys to remote computers
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Cloud Based Employee Activity Monitoring

Productivity Monitoring For Employees Working At Home Or In The Office

  • Track, Analyze & Record all user activity (at home or in office)
  • Provides daily productivity reports
  • Fine Grain control over who and what is monitored
  • See who is on social media or shopping Amazon all-day
  • Screenshot recordings with video playback
  • Real-time alerting
  • Web filtering (blocking inappropriate sites)
  • No hardware required - deploys in minutes
  • Deploys to remote computers
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