Cyber Security Incident Response

Your employees are the biggest risk to your organization’s data and intellectual property. Proper incident response helps identify, contain, and prevent internal threats.

Reasons for incident response assessments

Your employees constantly interact with your organization’s data, and that exposure puts your proprietary information at risk. An effective cyber security system includes the tools for conducting rapid investigations and a proper incident response plan if you suspect or detect a leak or mismanagement of data. Data leaks can damage your organization’s reputation, reduce the value of your proprietary information, attract unwanted media attention and require huge legal payouts.

Whether malicious or unintentional, cyber security incidents can come in many forms, including:




  • Accounting fraud
  • Data manipulation
  • Unauthorized data access
  • Negligent work practices
  • Accidental data mismanagement
  • Sale of proprietary information
  • Theft of client data for personal career advancement
  • Hostility from prior employee
  • Sabotage



Considerations for cyber security incident response

When data and reputations are on the line, incident response needs to be conducted immediately and efficiently. Having software to gather and analyze evidence is a key component in a timely and accurate investigation. Collecting data in real-time allows you to playback the entire incident and get a comprehensive picture of what occurred.


Employees in question need to be treated fairly and appropriately. Additionally, you will need to act in accordance with state and national data breach laws, which may require you to notify affected parties within a certain time period. Consider notifying your legal counsel immediately to help you move forward lawfully and advise on strategies for minimizing litigation and reputation damage. Have processes in place


Have process in place
Recognize the reality of insider threats and prepare for them. Establish a workplace investigation process, invest in detection technologies, and make employees aware of your protocol. When you experience a data breach, you will be able to immediately deploy the investigation to solve the problem as quickly and lawfully as possible.

Software can identify insider threats and improve the effectiveness of your incident response. Veriato not only determines data breaches by monitoring employee behavior in real-time, but also quickly reviews the activity during an investigation. Save valuable hours by recalling the incident and related actions for immediate playback.

Veriato supplies objective, defensible, forensic-grade results. Our software is more reliable than human investigators and provides you with unbiased, complete information to give you an accurate assessment of the situation.

Our customers see a dramatic
reduction in the cost of
investigations, often as much as


People are the perimeter. Secure yours.

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