Combatting Insider Threats

Monitoring High Risk Positions

Protect Against Privilege Abuse

All employees have some level of access to corporate data and systems. Some, by the nature of their positions, have elevated privileges. Frequently these are employees involved in the creation of the products and services that make up the organization’s value proposition, or have access to sensitive data types like customer records, financial information, and employee PII.

Trust is a foundational element of an organization’s relationship with its people, but trust without verification places the organization at risk.

Veriato’s ability to provide insight into both the behavioral patterns, and online activity, of privileged users sits at the core of a robust data protection strategy. It does not interfere with workflow, watching in the background for indicators of privilege abuse, compromised credentials, and other signs of insider threat.

Veriato provides User and Entity Behavior Analytics, coupled with User Activity Monitoring, from a single console.

People are the perimeter. Secure yours.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato recommends deploying both Veriato Recon and Veriato 360 to effectively monitor high risk positions and insiders. Veriato Recon is a User and Entity Behavior Analytics solution that detects insider threats using machine learning and statistical analysis. Veriato 360 provides activity alerts, reports, and deep-dive DVR-like playback capability. Both solutions operate out of one central console, and lever the same proven endpoint agent. Two products fully integrated as one solution.