Combatting Insider Threats

Intellectual Property Theft

Protecting Intellectual Property

Experts consistently maintain that upwards of 70% of a corporation's value is found in Intellectual Property ("IP"). While IP theft represents a small percentage of the number of insider attacks, as much as 50% of the economic damage stemming from insider threats is a result of the theft of intellectual property.

Securing critical information like trade secrets has never been more critical.

Veriato offers a unique insider threat solution designed to enable the access needed to ensure productivity, while providing a watchful eye on those accessing sensitive data for telltale signs of insider attack.

From one central console, Veriato combines User and Entity Behavior Analytics with User Activity Monitoring.  The solution watches for indicators of compromise from multiple perspectives, including behavioral pattern shifts and risky activities. 

Near real-time alerting is combined with deep, context-rich visibility into exactly what is occurring, minimizing false positives and supporting rapid inspection when needed.

People are the perimeter. Secure yours.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato recommends deploying Veriato Recon broadly throughout your organization, combined with targeted deployments of Veriato 360. Veriato Recon provides User and Entity Behavior Analytics while creating a system of record of insider activity. Veriato 360 provides unmatched ‘eyes on glass’ visibility along with powerful activity alerting and reporting. Both solutions operate out of one central console, and lever the same proven endpoint agent. Two products fully integrated as one solution.