Maintain visibility over the access and use of IP and other critical data with Veriato.

Technology vendors creating the next generation of network infrastructure, security, applications, cloud-based services, etc. are ripe with intellectual property (IP), customer lists, product roadmaps, and more – all data that should not fall into the hands of competitors. But everyone including development, quality assurance, product management, manufacturing, sales, and marketing have some degree of access to these data sets as part of their job. This puts software and hardware vendors constantly at risk of insider data theft.

To ensure these critical data sets stay within the organization, organizations need to understand when insiders pose a threat, and to be able to confirm every access is appropriate. This can only be accomplished with visibility into all user interaction with critical data sets – regardless of the application.


How Veriato Helps

Protect, Prevent, and Remediate Threats with Veriato

Veriato helps technology organizations of all kinds ensure the security of IP and other critical data through both predictive leading indicators based on user behavior, and detailed, contextual, rich logging of all user activity – both inside applications dealing with IP, as well as any other application. Veriato’s two-prong approach provides complete visibility into the individual actions of each user, while maintaining the privacy of employees.

Veriato’s unmatched visibility into user activity serves as the basis for behavioral analytics and activity monitoring, which together provide accurate early detection of both potential and active threats.

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Maintain and Demonstrate Compliance

Here are just some of the ways Veriato assists Software and Hardware Vendors organizations protect their critical data:

Assess where IP assets exists within the organization

Analyze user behavior for indicators of a potential threat before it happens

Review appropriate use of IP assets, how they are accessed and shared

Understand the context of breaches, should they occur, with rich activity detail

Determine the scope of loss from a breach, with video playback

Delegate responsibility for monitoring and review of activity.

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