Meet mandates around identifying, rectifying, and responding to Insider Threats with Veriato.

Many public sector agencies, including civilian government contractors, manage sensitive data that requires special classification and amplified access monitoring specifically for insider threats. The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (DoD 5220.22-M) mandates federal contractors implement an insider threat program, which includes the monitoring of user activity to detect both potential and active insider threats.

To meet these requirements, they need solutions in place with visibility into all user interaction with sensitive and classified data – regardless of the application.


How Veriato Helps

Protect, Prevent, and Remediate Threats with Veriato

Veriato helps contractor organizations of all kinds ensure the security of Information Systems and sensitive data through both predictive leading indicators based on user behavior, and detailed, contextual, rich logging of all user activity – both inside applications dealing with IP, as well as any other application. Veriato’s two-prong approach provides complete visibility into the individual actions of each user, while maintaining the privacy of employees.

Veriato’s unmatched visibility into user activity serves as the basis for behavioral analytics and activity monitoring, which together provide accurate early detection of both potential and active threats.


Maintain and Demonstrate Compliance

Here are just some of the ways Veriato assists to meet governmental insider threat standards:

Monitor user activity to detect indicators of insider threat behavior insures the security and confidentiality of customer records and information

NISPOM 8-100

Identify activity indicative of a potential or actual insider threat

NISPOM 1-202

Detect users that pose a risk and mitigate the risk of an insider threat

NISPOM 1-202a

Provide relevant security records for review by Federal Agencies

NISPOM 1-205

Perform self-inspection and report on the effectiveness of security controls

NISPOM 1-207

Provide context to clarify or resolve potential insider threat matters

NISPOM 1-300

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