The Challenge:

Identifying fraud & data theft when everyone has access to sensitive financial data

Financial Institutions face unique circumstances because nearly all employees interact with very sensitive and valuable data daily.

Identifying indicators of fraud, theft, and even violence is crucial but requires specialized behavioral analysis.

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Proactive VS. Reactive Strategies

AI-Based User Behavior Analytics & Risk Scoring

For a human (or team of humans), to identify one person who occasionally does something unusual or risky is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Worse yet, because financial institutions employees are always handling sensitive financial data, it’s like finding a needle in a silver-colored haystack!

Finding the Needle

Veriato Cerebral’s insider threat intelligence platform includes AI-based User Behavior Analytics, which provides a 24/7 analysis of every person on your corporate network. Cerebral looks for any behavioral anomalies that could indicate a possible threat (including violent behavior), and provides immediate alerts for the security team to investigate.

Additionally the Cerebral creates a risk score for all employees, showing a daily list of high risk employees and contractors. Security teams can now proactively investigate individuals before real damage is done.

Risk Score Dashboard
Daily scoring showing all employee with elevated risk
Risk scoring

Seeing is Believing

Additionally, Veriato Cerebral is constantly recording all onscreen activity, for all users.

When an alert is sounded, security teams can immediately review the screenshot video from 5 minutes (or 5 weeks) ago and understand exactly what the employees intent was and allowing the security team to gather evidence and take immediate action.

Simplifying Compliance

Because Cerebral analyzes and records all endpoint activity, customized reports can pull any data to demonstrate compliance. Audit trails, reports, and notifications simplify the process of reporting while strengthening your control of sensitive data.

Insures the security and confidentiality of customer records and information


Provides notification of unauthorized access or disclosure


Creates a comprehensive audit trail across every application

23 NYCRR 500

Protects against any anticipated threats to financial records

16 CFR Part 314

Monitors non-public data for unauthorized use, misuse, or tampering

23 NYCRR 500

Assesses internal controls for use in an annual control report


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