Combatting Insider Threats

Incident Response

Responding to Insider Incidents

When external forces attack, company cyber security experts handle the response. Insider attacks require an extended incident response team, typically including Legal, HR, business line management, and at times, the courts.

Swift decision-making and sure response requires clear communication of exactly what is happening and who is involved. Presenting evidence in clear, concise, non-technical format can make the difference between effective response and damaging attack.

CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, and to share that understanding quickly and effectively with the extended team to get results.

Veriato's reporting capabilities augment an industry defining screen capture and playback feature.Video playback of screen activity lets you see exactly what happened, in context. No gray areas.

Arm your teams with the technology they need to assess and respond to insider incidents.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato 360 is the solution of choice for review of insider activity. Refined pivot and search capability supports rapid, informed, and accurate decision-making. Veriato 360 eliminates the need to piece together information from numerous sources, collecting robust user activity data with proven accuracy and reliability.