Employee Investigations

Conducting Employee Investigations

Jobs may be on the line, reputations at stake but you may be able to piece together clues from disparate sources and try to build a complete and accurate picture to act on. When faced with the possibility of employee data theft or as part of an employee fraud prevention program, you need forensic grade results.

Our software does the work for you, collecting data on the actions and communications of the employee(s) in question, presenting it in a clear, context-rich, easy to understand format.

Save Time
Minutes to install and review versus hours of valuable time being spent sifting through data.
Save Money
Our customers tell us they see a dramatic reduction in the cost of investigations, often as much as 50%.
Increase Certainty
Decisions are only as good as the information they are based on. Making sure you have all the data, and can see the context actions were taken in, lets you act confidently and decisively.
Reduce Risk
Should the investigation result in punitive action, up to and including termination, you run the risk that the impacted employee(s) may litigate. Join the thousands of companies who have relied on Veriato to provide reliable, tested, and defensible results.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato Investigator is built for temporary, focused investigations. It enables focused inspection of a single employee at a time.

Veriato 360 is built to support ongoing investigations, and enables inspection of multiple employees at once, as well as aggregation of data for reporting and correlation.