Combatting Insider Threats

Data Leaks

Protecting Data from Insider Attack

52% of data security breaches are from internal sources.
59% of employees who leave an organization say they take sensitive data with them.

How do you know that the access you authorized is being used for the purposes you intend? This is the central challenge when dealing with insider risk. Traditional preventative security measures need to be augmented with tools built to capture, analyze and when needed, alert on insider activity and behavior. Whether the risk comes from accidental or negligent behaviors, or deliberate, malicious actions, you need to know so you can prevent a damaging incident.

Veriato offers a unique combination of behavioral analysis and activity monitoring, designed to be easily tuned to your environment. Employing sophisticated machine learning to identify deviations from normal behavior that indicate risk to your data security, coupled with robust user activity logging that is designed to fill in the gaps event and security log solutions miss, Veriato is a key part of a complete data protection program.

People are the perimeter. Secure yours.

Recommended Deployment

Veriato recommends deploying Veriato Recon broadly throughout your organization, combined with targeted deployments of Veriato 360. Veriato Recon provides User and Entity Behavior Analytics while creating a system of record of insider activity. Veriato 360 provides unmatched ‘eyes on glass’ visibility along with powerful activity alerting and reporting. Both solutions operate out of one central console, and lever the same proven endpoint agent. Two products fully integrated as one solution.