Veriato Solutions

Analyze, Detect, Respond

IP theft detection and preventionn

Insider Threat

Insider threat ranks as the #1 fastest growing cybersecurity concern according to a recent survey of 4,500 CIOs and technology leaders across the world

Workplace Productivity Solutions

Aggregate information on the day-to-day activity within your organization, and use high-value reports to increase the top line and improve the bottom line.

Workplace productivity optimization solution
Insider security threat incident response

Insider Incident Response

CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, enabling rapid and accurate response.

Employee Investigations

Used every day to create the definitive record of user actions. Tested and proven reliable over and again, Veriato is the tool you need for eyes on glass investigations.

Employee monitoring and investigation