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  • Revealing The Dark Web Image

    The Dark Web elevates employees-turned-insiders into a potentially legitimate threat. Employees wishing to turn company access or data into money suddenly have a marketplace in which to do so both profitably and anonymously.
  • wp-tile-2019-Insider-Threat-Program-Maturity-Model-Report

    This report was created to help security professionals assess their organization’s ability to monitor for, detect, and respond to insider threats.
  • wp-tile-getting-started-4-Steps-to-monitoring-employees-in-a-remote-workplace

    This Getting Started brief provides some high-level guidance around how to properly establish the monitoring of remote employees, including what to look for and how to appropriately respond should an issue be discovered.
  • wp-tile-getting-started-7-Steps-to-building-insider-threat-program

    This Getting Started brief provides some high-level guidance around the steps necessary to implement an Insider Threat Program (ITP) to proactively identify potential and active threats, as well as to appropriately respond should a threat arise.
  • wp-tile-getting-started-3-Steps-to-spotting-an-Insider-threat

    Your employees have access to your organization’s most valuable data – customer detail, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), vendors lists, bank accounts, financials, and more.
  • wp-tile-threats-need-fast-direct-response

    Creating and Implementing Insider Threat Programs

    An insider threat program can help make sure insider threats are detected and addressed before an insider attack happens. Many organizations are still not creating and implementing insider threat programs and need to aggressively increase their focus to better protect the organization.
  • wp-tile-how-UEBA-mitigates-IP-theft-by-departing-employees

    Intellectual Property Protection with UEBA Monitoring

    Organizations put a great deal of value into their intellectual property protection. However most organizations fail to realize Insiders pose the greatest threat to their intellectual property making user and entity behavior analytics the most effective means of protecting intellectual property.
  • wp-tile-measuring-remote-employee-productivity

    Measuring and Tracking Remote Employee Productivity

    Measuring remote employee productivity based on results requires quantifiable metrics, which can be challenging for businesses to define. Creating metrics for measuring remote employee productivity for each person will be required, with some degree of frequent revision.
  • wp-tile-demonstrating-HIPAA-compliance

    Patient Data Security and HIPAA Compliance Requirements

    HIPAA compliance is about maintaining patient privacy by ensuring appropriate patient data security, access and use. Patient data security is essential for organizations seeking to meet HIPAA compliance requirements andi they are expected to demonstrate proper use of patient data through safeguards.
  • wp-tile-compliance-in-financial-services

    Data Security Compliance for the Financial Services Industry

    The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act both provide specific guidance on data security for financial institutions. There are severe penalties for non-compliance financial institutions ranging from fines to imprisonment.
  • wp-tile-compliance-in-manufacturing

    Protecting and Securing Manufacturing Intellectual Property

    IP theft is considered the #1 cyber threat facing manufacturers today making manufacturing intellectual property (IP) protection a priority. As IP in manufacturing is often shared around the world, manufacturing IP protection poses a somewhat unique challenge.
  • wp-tile-demonstrating-GDPR-compliance

    GDPR Compliance Overview For International Companies

    GDPR compliance is about protecting personal data of EU citizens that is necessary and appropriate to collect. GDPR compliance is required for any information “that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person" and companies that are not GDPR compliant can face material penalties.
  • wp-tile-the-cost-of-inaction

    Your organization’s security posture is only as strong as your least secure — or least scrupulous — employee. All it takes is an IT professional forgetting to apply a patch, a manager sending sensitive data to the wrong person, or an angry systems administrator selling your intellectual property to set your business back millions of dollars.
  • wp-tile-3-steps-to-protect-your-data-during-the-high-risk-exit-period

    Someday, sometime, an employee with access to sensitive data, intellectual property, or trade secrets is going to leave your company, which makes their departure risky to the organization. Sure, you’ve “trusted” them as part of their employment, but when the time comes to change jobs, you can’t always be certain about the motive for the move.
  • wp-tile-enhanced-data-protection-against-threats

    An effective insider threat program requires a mix of people, process, and technology. Over-reliance on, or neglect of, any of these three pillars has significant negative impacts on the ability of an organization to effectively
  • wp-tile-littler-mendelson-ten-tips-for-preparing-use-policy

    Corporate computers and information and communications systems (collectively, “electronic resources”) remain the workhorse for most businesses, even as alternatives, such as third-party text messaging services, external social media, and cloud computing, flourish.
  • wp-tile-5-steps-to-quantifying-insider-risk

    To properly quantify the insider risk within your organization, we want to initially walk you through how to begin thinking about insider risk, as it is more a fluid and shifting concept than, say, the static risk assessment associated with whether your systems and applications are completely up to date on their patches.

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4 Steps To Simplifying Employee InvestigationsPDF566.88 KB06 Jun, 2018 Download
How Firewalls Can Leave Your Institution VulnerablePDF193.97 KB05 Jan, 2018ReadDownload
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