How criminals extort businesses using RansomWare services from the DarkWeb.

One of the biggest trends in technology over the last decade has been the growth of subscription-based service models or "SaaS". Instead of installing software directly in corporate environments, companies providing customers with the ability to effectively rent access to services they need without dealing with development and maintenance.

Given the high demand for RansomWare in this day and age, creative cyber-criminal entrepreneurs followed this industry trend and created RansomWare As A Service (RaaS) to ease the burden of cyber attackers having to develop their own attacks.

Join Nick Cavalancia from Techvangelism and Cyber Security Expert, Dr. Christine Izuakor as we discuss:

  • How does RansomWare as a Service (RaaS) work?
  • Examples of RansomWare As A Service (RaaS) provider
  • If RaaS impacts you, what can you do?
  • RansomWare detection & protection tools

This Webinar will arm organizations with a strategy for how to detect and prevent RansomWare threats.

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