Nick Cavalancia

Nick Cavalancia

Chief Techvangelist

Nick Cavalancia has over 20 years of enterprise IT experience, 10 years as a tech marketing executive and is an accomplished technology writer, consultant, trainer, speaker, and columnist.


With so much focus on actual threats today, organizations are focusing on reactive technologies and processes that are based on the premise that an attack will be successful. But in the case of insiders (including external threat actors using compromised employee credentials), it’spossible to manage the risk of insider-based attacks well-before they ever become a threat.So, how can you shift your insider threat program to first manage insider risk

In this educational webcast, join cybersecurity expert and Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, as he discusses:

• Insider Risk vs. Insider Threats: What’s the Difference?

• What it takes to focus on insider risk instead of threats – and what’s the result?

• Shifting your program, processes, and plans to focus on managing insider risk

You’ll also hear from Suzanne Parent, from Veriato, as she shows  practical ways to measure insider risk and how to formulate an appropriate plan of action.

Veriato Cererbal

Insider Threat Detection

Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User & Entity Behavior Analytics with User Activity Monitoring, allowing rapid Data Breach Response. The ability to hunt threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s behavioral patterns, allows you to move your security posture from reactive to proactive.

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