How safe is your data if your SaaS provider gets hit with a ransom attack?

Supply chain risks are at the forefront of cyber threats today. Recent high-profile events such the Colonial Pipeline hack and Kaseya attack only outline the importance of addressing areas of vulnerability. 

The rising wave of enterprise digitization coupled with the increasing reliance on third-party SaaS is significantly contributing to third-party-related attacks. For example, ransomware attacks have surged by 150% from the previous year with ransom payments ballooning 200%With the growing shift towards autonomous processes and system-driven software updates, IT teams now have lower visibility and control over malicious code creeping into the interconnected supply chains. CISOs and IT leaders must prioritize mitigation strategies to tackle these alarming trends. 

Managing third-party risks, automating threat vigilance to mitigate security blind spots, creating and updating business continuity plans, managing third-party human factors and employing early detection software such as Veriato’s Ransomsafe can help build defenses. 

Join Dr. Christine Izuakor (cybersecurity expert) and Veriato as they discuss:

  • The Evolution of Supply Chain Risk
  • Potential Ransomware Attack Impacts on Supply Chains
  • Case Study and Lessons Learned: Kaseya Attack
  • How to Manage Supply Chain Risk

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