Dr. Christine Izuakor

Dr. Christine Izuakor

Senior Manager of Global Security Strategy and Awareness - United Airline

Dr. Izuakor is the Senior Manager of Global Security Strategy and Awareness at United Airlines where she plays a critical part in embedding cyber security in United’s culture. She is an adjunct professor of cyber security at Robert Morris University, and independently helps corporations solve a diverse range of strategic cybersecurity challenges.


2020 Has left many people feeling like we’re living in an alternate reality as COVID-19 sweeps the globe, changing life as we know it. Companies ultimately have no choice but to embrace the reality of a fully remote workforce where reliance on technology becomes critical to business continuity.

Join cybersecurity expert, Dr. Christine Izuakor and Veriato's, Pete Nourse as they discuss:

  1. The current pandemic and a look back at previous pandemics that impacted cybersecurity
  2. How remote work demand has sky-rocketed while most companies weren't ready
  3. Remote worker security risks every company should be prepared to address
  4. How some businesses ensure remote employee productivity is maintained

This Webinar will arm organizations with a strategy for how to overcome some of the hurdles of a fully remote workforce.

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