Nick Cavalancia

Nick Cavalancia

Chief Techvangelist

Nick Cavalancia has over 20 years of enterprise IT experience, 10 years as a tech marketing executive and is an accomplished technology writer, consultant, trainer, speaker, and columnist.

David Green

David Green

Chief Security Officer

David Green is a leader in user activity monitoring and user behavior analytics. At Veriato, Green was responsible for loss prevention, digital security, physical security and incident response.


Learn how organizations can improve their security stance during the high risk exit period by taking a few steps that work to both protect against and prevent risky exit behavior.  High-Risk Exits aren’t limited to a particular type or level of employee. You probably think of the insider as someone lower in the organization. But it can be anyone from the lowest positions with access to confidential data, all the way to the top – as in the case of Lyft, where the COO’s actions were in question. There are some specific areas within the organization where high-risk exits appear to be common. Members of the Sales and Product teams tend to be higher risk. The reason? They have a sense of ownership around the IP and data they’ve created. - they believe it’s theirs too. So, they aren’t necessarily out to get you; they just believe it equally belongs to them.

Veriato Cererbal

Insider Threat Detection

Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User & Entity Behavior Analytics with User Activity Monitoring, allowing rapid Data Breach Response. The ability to hunt threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s behavioral patterns, allows you to move your security posture from reactive to proactive.

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