Veriato Cerebral Offers 360 Protection

Our search uncovered lots of products with partial solutions, but we wanted one product to do it all. Veriato stood out as a complete solution. "After participating in a webinar, Hayler and the Blackburn Rovers felt confident in Veriato and it's robust employee computer monitoring solution. Hayler said that following the webinar, the Rovers were impressed enough to commit... so we purchased Veriato ."

The Blackburn Rovers were able to satisfy their complex employee monitoring needs with one easy to use product. According to Hayler, "Veriato delivers a complete view. It was easy to install and configure. As soon as you launch Veriato, you see the big picture." Hayler particularly likes the Veriato design and layout, with its user-friendly Dashboard and Quick View charts.

"Veriato delivers just like the name says ... it provides a complete all-around view... 360-degree protection" said Haylor.

Upon installing Veriato and monitoring all networked computers, the easy to consume reports immediately identified employees who had excessive personal use of the computers. "Veriato uncovered time wasting," said Hayler. Some employees' web surfing was clearly excessive, others had very high bandwidth consumption. Additionally, Hayler found the Keyword Alert feature in Veriato invaluable. Using a combination of over 1,000 seeded and custom keywords, attempts to hack into the Blackburn Rovers system have become easy to uncover and

"Veriato has given us peace of mind," said Hayler. "It pays for itself. It makes it easy to see what activity we have on our network, and act accordingly."