According to Steve Mitchell, Information Technology Manager at GMI Insurance Services, workplace issues were apparent even before he was hired. GMI Insurance Services, providing insurance services to the US Transportation Industry, had a productivity problem.

Each month, employees are required to give an accountability report, said Mitchell. Management felt those reports revealed productivity concerns, and that information was given to me when I arrived.

With a productivity apparent and documented, Mitchell was asked to look for something to get to the bottom of it. Mitchell conducted an Internet search, and one of the products found was Veriato Investigator.

I knew which product I wanted right away, said Mitchell. The Veriato Cerebral product was full featured and seemed easier to work with than the others. And I was right, it was easy as pie.

Mitchell admitted the reaction to Veriato Investigator findings was shock and awe. Shock at the discovered employee activities, and awe over the software's capabilities.

Results were amazing, said Mitchell. The software revealed lots of personal mischief. There were chat room sessions, personal emails, IMs, lots of surfing. Just lots of non-work items. Some of the activity included explicit content. I found lots of music, even some streaming video, being downloaded and stored on our servers. My backup space was being eaten up. It's remarkable how much can be found on a desktop computer.

While Veriato Investigator provided GMI Insurance Services with everything it needed at the time, Information Technology Manager Steve Mitchell was intrigued when it was suggested that Cerebral would take the company to another level of insight and efficiency.

I'm loving the fact that with Investigator we can get a quick look at the activity of the whole company, or a specific department, on a graph, said Mitchell. You can start with an overall view of a month, a week, or a day, using a built-in or custom setting, and then drill down to specifics. Response to the Cerebral graphs and charts was WOW!"