Implementation of Employee Monitoring Software

The Challenge

Transitioning from an independently owned business to part of a larger public company created a bit of culture shock for the employees of IMV Projects. IT Manager Ross Benov confesses that network security was as casual as the company culture.“As far as passwords and system access, there were not many restrictions,” said Benov. “But, once we were acquired, restrictions were tightened.”

How Did We Help

“Once I began looking for a solution, I very quickly noticed Veriato 360,” said Benov. “My main interest was what we could monitor with the program, and it can monitor a lot! And next (I was interested in) its reporting.”

Veriato 360 analyzes the monitored data, providing informative charts and drill-down details instantly. It was this powerful drill-down capability that illuminated use and abuse within IMV Projects.

The Results

Getting started with employee monitoring was easy for the team at IMV Projects.

According to Benov, installation and setup of Veriato 360 went smoothly.

“The Dashboard is easy to use, a good interface,” said Benov. “It’s straightforward, no training required, you can figure it out by yourself.” Benov feels that the comprehensive, ready-to-use reports within Veriato 360 provide him with all the information he requires. “I haven’t needed to customize any reports,” said Benov. “Those that come with the program have worked just fine.”

“Quick View essentially is a great shortcut to general reports,” continued Benov. “From Quick View, you can dig deeper if you see a trend. I really like that flexibility, a nice filter, easy to use, not the case with many other software programs. You can focus on groups of people, or a specific user. Also, you can focus on time periods, all of it is easy to specify.

“Since we were acquired by the Wood Group, security has been the main concern."

“The Wood Group sees a comprehensive and complete security package as including a firewall, antivirus software, web filtering, and employee monitoring... with Veriato 360.”

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