Employee Monitoring Implementation Improves Operations

The Challenge

Since its launch 10 years ago, a Customer Experience and Back-office Management company has been on a rapid growth trajectory, going from nothing to a company touting some of the fastest growing and most well-known startups in the world as clients. Due to that growth, this company didn’t have the sophisticated business processes in place that many would expect from a company of its growing size.

How Did We Help

IT executives tested some of the best-rated employee monitoring tools. On that list was Cerebral, which monitors online and communications activity of employees and contractors for anomalies, and presents detailed, accurate and actionable data for use in productivity reporting as well as incident response and high-risk insider monitoring.  The choice was subsequently an easy one.

“The other products were far less mature. The reporting wasn’t there nor were the other products as intuitive as Veriato Cerebral."

The Results

After walking through the deployment methodology with Veriato, the manager and his team set up the Cerebral software in the core infrastructure, ensuring it was on the servers and databases at the six sites overseas. The desktop team deployed Cerebral to 50 desktops initially, and quickly ramped up to 2,700 seats across all six sites.

Since installing Cerebral in early fall 2016, the company has noticed a vast improvement in employee productivity. Cerebral also helps influence how the company staffs their individual projects. “If we see that we have 20 people working on a client campaign, and those 20 are extremely busy working at 100 percent, we know we need to increase staffing,” said the manager. “It works conversely as well, so if those 20 people aren’t working as productively as they should, we can transfer some of the 20 onto other projects or help educate them on how to be more productive. This makes us more efficient overall with each campaign.”

“It’s truly the miracle cure for productivity management,” he said. “Easy implementation, robust architecture and an obvious scalability that will let us expand as we continue our worldwide growth. We recommend it to everyone we do business with.”