We had a concern about IM, webmail, and general Internet misuse, said Bexhill Colleges Systems Engineer and Network Administrator, Bob Bailey. Students were using proxy servers to hide their web surfing from administrators. According to Bailey, "Proxies were being used in the classroom. Students were wasting time and hiding it." The faculty knew an issue existed but needed proof of exactly what was happening.

According to Bailey, neither he nor the school had prior experience with proper monitoring software. "We had content filtering, but that was not dealing with the emerging proxy issues," said Bailey. Searching for a solution did not yield much at first, until Bailey received an email about Veriato. "There was no other software that gave both the overview and the depth of the Veriato product" said Bailey.

Bailey and the team at Bexhil are able to give their students the freedom to work and learn, while still enforcing Acceptable Use Policies (AUP). The return on investment has been immediate, and the results profound. Bailey was originally concerned that Cerebral offered so many robust features, his team would be overwhelmed by information to sort through. However, with the press of a button, Bailey found that Cerebral delivers quick reports about what is going on all the time...it's very good at spotting trends. Bailey and the Bexhill College team liked the ease with which Cerebral delivered informative, easily consumed reports about websites visited, programs run, and more. Cerebral was instrumental in ferreting out what could have become a vexing problem with the school's printer credits program.

"The Cerebral deterrent factor has been great in preventing problems," said Bailey. "It has helped detect and control problems from the outset. If I had not had it, it would have been difficult to get things under control. Without Veriato 360, we would not be in such good shape."

"The Cerebral investment versus the benefit shows a very good value. We have had immeasurable benefits ... excellent bang for the buck."