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  • Five Common Insider Threat Profiles

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | May 16, 2019
    • Insider Threat Detection
    • inside threat
    Insider Threats come in many different shapes and forms and can be a frustrating problem to diagnose. Adding to the problem is the fact that even the most reliable and seemingly harmless employees can change in an instant and pose a threat. Protecting your company against these sometimes-unpredictable actors requires an understanding of the various profiles that exist and their motivations. To help, here is a quick look at five of the most common Insider Threat actors that companies may face, and some quick tips on how you can protect your organization from each of them.
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  • 7 Ways to Make your Workforce More Productive

    by Veriato | May 07, 2019
    • productivity
    The US Department of Labor states that most people work an average of eight hours a day, but the question is, how many of those hours are productive? Employee productivity has been getting a lot of attention lately, and some studies show that workers spend only three hours per day on work tasks. Even if that figure is somewhat exaggerated, the point is that your employees may be busy with unproductive activities while they are on the job.
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  • Cyber Security Trends in Healthcare

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | May 06, 2019
    • Incident Response
    • RansomSafe
    • Healthcare
    A significant portion of breaches reported in the last year impacted the healthcare industry, and it was costly. For example, it’s been reported that data breaches in this space cost an average of $400 per patient making them an expensive threat to institutions that may be managing thousands, and sometimes millions, of patients.
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  • A Quick Guide to Preventing, Detecting & Responding to Insider Threats

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | May 02, 2019
    • Insider Threat Detection
    Insider Threats tend to take longer to detect than external attacks often increasing the price tag and the impact of these attacks. Adequate detection tools are necessary to contain the incident as quickly as possible and minimize the impact. User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) can help in this space. The fundamental operating principle of UEBA is to capture a baseline of what average user and organizational behavior look like. Once you have this view, you can begin to compare this to current activity and alert on events that deviate too far from the baseline. Furthermore, UEBA can correlate mass amounts of information and add intelligent context to the logs for high accuracy on what’s considered a viable threat. Having quality logs is critical to accomplish this.
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  • Five Concerning Breaches That Started With an Insider Threat

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Apr 29, 2019
    • Insider Threat
    Behind every breach is a human or entity orchestrating an attack to make it happen. Within the affected organization, there is usually a human action that leads to the success of the attack. It could be a careless employee that clicked on a phishing email, a disgruntled employee that leaked confidential information to a competitor, or someone who wrote their username and password in a notebook that they lost while traveling. The list of events goes on and on. With so many examples, we have an opportunity to learn from all prior blunders and avoid this fate. Here are five notorious breaches that started with an Insider.
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  • Insider Threat Detection Software Can Help Increase Employee Productivity

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Apr 24, 2019
    • Employee Monitoring
    • Insider Threat Detection
    Imagine that for every 100 employees you’ve hired, 70 of them are underperforming and disconnected from their work like John. No need to imagine too hard as this is the reality for most companies. Gallup reported that in 2018, almost 70 percent of employees were disengaged at work. Furthermore, it’s estimated that those employees can cost the company up to 34 percent of their pay, for a whopping estimated total of $483 - $605 billion lost per year.
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  • What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics and why does it matter?

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Apr 22, 2019
    • user and entity behavior analytics
    • User Behavior Analytics
    • ueba
    • UBA
    The fundamental operating principle of UEBA is to create a picture of what normal user and organizational behavior looks like, in order to know what can be considered abnormal behavior. Once you have a baseline to compare against, you can begin to alert on suspicious user behavior.
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  • What Is DLP, Why Does It Matter And What Is Your Current Strategy Missing?

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Apr 16, 2019
    • data loss prevention software
    • data loss prevention
    • dlp
    • Data Security
    • Data Protection
    Once upon a time, protecting critical data assets meant keeping printed confidential information in locked boxes labeled top secret. As long as these boxes were kept in secured areas, all was well. Today, information has no such physical boundaries. Network perimeters and firewalls have become the new walls, and data classification schemas are the new box labels. This shift led to an evolution in how companies protected their data from leaving their environments. Where video surveillance and locks were used in the past and still provide some value, the virtual equivalents of these protection mechanisms now apply – one of which is Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
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