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  • How to Protect Against a Ransomware Attack

    by Veriato | Sep 26, 2018
    • Ransomware protection
    • ransomware detection
    • Ransomware
    Ransomware is changing and evolving – and so are network security offerings. Here are a few things you need to know to protect your business against a ransomware attack.
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  • 2 Big Steps to Keep Electronic Health Records Secure

    by Veriato | Sep 19, 2018
    • Data Security
    The fear of stolen PHI and its consequences is so strong that many healthcare organizations have yet to fully adopt digitization. Learn how to quell your fears.
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  • The CA Consumer Privacy Act | What Businesses Need to Know

    by Veriato | Sep 12, 2018
    • Privacy Act
    • Data Security
    Even if your business is not located in California, you may be liable under the CA Consumer Privacy Act - so here’s everything you need to know.
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  • How Employee Monitoring Keeps Clinical Trial Data Secure

    by Patrick Knight | Aug 15, 2018
    • Employee Monitoring
    Many clinical trial organizations rely on 3rd party services to handle their data. Increasing the number of people who can access data increases the risk of insider threats. Most data breaches are actually caused by insiders, making employee monitoring essential to keep clinical trial data secure.
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  • Cyber Incident Reporting Compliance for Federal Contractors

    by Patrick Knight | Aug 08, 2018
    • cyber security
    Federal regulations require federal contractors to report a cyber incident “rapidly” – defined as within 72 hours of discovery of the breach. Additionally, in the event of a cyber incident, federal regulations require you to “conduct a review for evidence of covered defense information.”
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  • Data Security Requirements for Federal Contractors

    by Patrick Knight | Aug 03, 2018
    • Data Security
    • Data Protection
    Data security requirements for federal contractors are complicated and stringent. You should have legal counsel and security experts to help you manage compliance, but here’s an overview of a few of the government’s recent data protection requirements for federal contractors.
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  • How Technology Protects Against Wrongful Termination Claims

    by Dominique Cultrera | Jul 05, 2018
    • Employee Behavior
    • Monitoring
    Using technology to monitor employee behavior and keep records can be a key asset should a terminated employee file a wrongful termination claim. Demonstrating repeated behavior along with a record of times the behavior was addressed can help protect your company against wrongful termination claims.
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  • Data Security Considerations for Your Work From Home Policy

    by Patrick Knight | Jul 03, 2018
    • Work From Home
    • Data Security
    Work from home policies have soared in popularity. Your task as an organization is finding a way to provide a work from home policy to your employees without compromising your data security. Take these data security considerations into account when creating your work from home policy.
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