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  • What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics and why does it matter?

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Apr 22, 2019
    • user and entity behavior analytics
    • User Behavior Analytics
    • ueba
    • UBA
    The fundamental operating principle of UEBA is to create a picture of what normal user and organizational behavior looks like, in order to know what can be considered abnormal behavior. Once you have a baseline to compare against, you can begin to alert on suspicious user behavior.
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  • What Is an Insider Threat and the 5 Things You Should Know?

    by Veriato | Feb 22, 2019
    • Insider Threats
    • what is an insider threat
    • ueba
    • UBA
    • Insider Threat Detection
    • Insider Threat
    • Insider Attacks
    Gone are the days when our greatest inklings of Insider Threats were employees who never wanted to take vacation and did everything to avoid letting others see the financial records they were maintaining. Today, Insider Threats come in a concerning variety of forms with consequences often exceeding millions of dollars. As time passes, more industries than ever before are feeling the sting of security incidents and breaches stemming from their very own trusted employees and partners.
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  • What is User and Entity Behavior Analytics?

    by Veriato | Nov 23, 2018
    • Machine Learning
    • Security Threat
    • Security Solution
    • ueba
    UEBA sets baselines for human activity and also for the activity of the machines connected to the network.
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