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  • Veriato impacts UK police force

    by Veriato | Apr 02, 2019
    • veriato employee monitoring software
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    • Veriato
    • employee monitoring software
    • Security Solution
    • Monitoring Software
    • Monitoring
    The concept of gathering evidence from digital media has evolved from a reactive process relying on law enforcement officers being able to seize and forensically examine computers, tablets and mobile phones.
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  • 4 reasons why cyber security deserves a larger chunk of your hospital organization’s budget

    by Veriato | Feb 22, 2018
    • Veriato
    • HIPAA
    • Data Security
    Health organizations are allocating less than half of what other industries budget for Information Security. This is no longer sufficient for a field with such high-value assets, and many factors play into the need for increased cyber security in hospitals and the medical arena.
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  • 3 ways cyber security is changing business operations

    by Veriato | Feb 15, 2018
    • new data regulations
    • cyber security
    • Veriato
    As cyber security receives more consideration, business operations are changing to prioritize data safety. Growing budgets and new regulations are just some of the many ways business operations are changing to prioritize cyber security.
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  • Veriato, formerly known as SpectorSoft FAQ

    by Veriato | Feb 13, 2017
    • Veriato News
    • Veriato
    • Spectorsoft
    Wondering how SpectorSoft changing to Veriato may affect you? See below for answers to questions that you may have.
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  • Quantifying the risk of an insider data leak

    by Mike Tierney | Sep 08, 2016
    • Insider Attacks
    • Insider Threat Prevention
    • Insider Threat Detection
    • Insider Threat
    • Veriato Recon
    • Veriato
    • Risk Scoring
    One of the challenges associated with effectively combating the threat of insider data leaks, stems from a lack of understanding of the risk resident within the perimeter.
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