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  • How to Detect a Data Breach | Insider Threat Monitoring

    by Veriato | Jan 28, 2019
    • Employee Monitoring
    • Monitoring
    • Data Breach
    • Data Leaks
    • Insider Threat
    Many actions and user behavior may be signs of a breach. Here are a few to watch out for, as well as make sure your software is monitoring.
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  • Ex-UBS Employee Suspected of Data Theft Becomes a Fugitive as Trial Begins

    by Veriato | Jan 15, 2019
    • Employee Monitoring
    • data theft
    • Data Breach
    If it was your organization, you’d like to know based on logged user activity data from the application hosting the data stolen, right.? In the case of UBS, it was mere deduction; according to UBS human resources, the bank identified Rene as the perpetrator through a process of elimination based on who had access to all systems involved.
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