3 Steps To Protect Your Data From Leaving With A Departing Insider

by Mike Tierney | May 25, 2016

David Green, Veriato’s CSO, put pen to paper and published a whitepaper that spells out 3 Steps To Protect Your Data During The High Risk Exit Period.

What is the High Risk Exit Period?  It’s the period of time between when an insider (employee or contractor) decides to leave the organization - or begins to believe they are going to be asked to leave the organization - and the day they actually do leave. 

Trade SecretsDave mentions a few examples of companies who have turned to the courts to protect themselves against alleged (or in some cases proven) theft of trade secrets and other critical intellectual property.

He shares 3 steps - 2 of which involve some tightening of processes and cost nothing to implement.  The third step might require some investment in technology to implement effectively, and is one that is simply not being done consistently enough to keep organizations sensitive information safe. 

You can access the whitepaper here.