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  • Notable Ransomware Attacks from 2019 and Lessons Learned

    by Dr. Christine Izukor | Jun 18, 2019
    “We have your precious data! Pay us or lose it forever!” This is a message no organization or individual ever wants to see. Nevertheless, given trends over time in cyber security, ransomware remains a concern for many organizations. Here is a look at interesting examples of successful ransomware attacks and some lessons we can learn from each. Arizona Beverages Company leaves company crippled by ransomware attack after backup recovery strategy fails.
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  • What is Ransomware?

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Jun 12, 2019
    Since the first documented ransomware attack occurred in the late 80s, the attack method has increasingly become a threat to organizations and individual consumers. One cybercriminal may lock up a family’s computer and hold their precious photo memories hostage with the threat of deleting them. Another may cripple a business by locking up their primary revenue generating application database, costing the company millions of dollars in lost sales by the minute. Whether you are an individual consumer, business, or other type of entity, Ransomware has the capability to impact us all. Learn more about what ransomware is, how it works, how it’s affecting the industry, and what you can do to protect yourself.
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  • 6 Useful Tips for Becoming an Active Listener

    by Veriato | Jun 11, 2019
    • Employee Productivity
    When leaders become more aware of their employees as individuals, they increase loyalty and create more trusting relationships. Managers who listen to their employees’ ideas, pay attention to their needs and show that they really care are likely to boost their performance. Listening is a key leadership “soft skill” that is a major component of emotional intelligence. By tuning into the needs of others, you can pick up on issues that may have a negative impact on engagement and productivity.
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  • Is Cultural Transformation the Secret to Productivity?

    by Veriato | Jun 10, 2019
    • Employee Monitoring
    • Employee Productivity
    If you suspect that your employees are wasting time on the job and they are not performing up to expectations, it might be time to transform the culture of your organization. A company with a toxic culture runs the risk that employees will remain disengaged and productivity will decline even further. As a leader, you have the perfect opportunity to make improvements by building a culture of support and respect and strengthening teamwork. A positive company culture will allow you to foster productivity and retain the best employees.
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  • Cyber Security Trends in the Financial Sector

    by Dr. Christine Izuakor | Jun 03, 2019
    • financial institutions
    • financial
    • finance
    Financial gain is one of the most common motivations behind cyber-attacks, making the financial sector an attractive target for cyber criminals. Recently, it was reported that companies in finance lost nearly $20 billion due to cyber-attacks and breaches. Furthermore, it was reported that financial companies get attacked 2500x more than a typical business for a total of over one billion attack attempts in a single year. These attacks don’t just target financial institutions. They target everyone from individual consumers and account holders to corporations and governments. No entity is immune from falling prey. Here are some important trends to know about when it comes to cyber security in finance:
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  • Six Employee Investigation Fails to Avoid

    by Dr Christine Izuakor | May 30, 2019
    • Employee Investigations
    Investigating a once trusted employee for potential misuse, theft, or other offenses regarding company resources can be a complicated process. While we all hope to hire ethically sound employees, various factors can contribute to ending up with a bad apple in the bunch. Labeled, insider threats, these employees pose a grave risk to organizations due to the insider knowledge and often authorized access they have to critical resources.
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  • How Emotional Intelligence Boosts Leadership Effectiveness

    by Veriato | May 23, 2019
    • Employee Productivity
    Now more than ever organizations are taking the time to learn how leaders with a high level of emotional intelligence influence employees and create a positive workplace environment. Emotionally intelligent leaders have a deep understanding of their own feelings, and they are aware of how their emotions affect others. Leaders can have a tremendous influence on their employees, often far more than they realize.
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  • Employee Investigations 101

    by Dr Christine Izuakor | May 21, 2019
    • Employee Investigations
    An employee investigation is a process for gathering, analyzing, and reporting on evidence regarding an Insider Threat within an organization. There are various levels and scopes of investigation. For example, some investigations may be strictly internal, whereas some may require external involvement from law enforcement agencies or regulatory entities. While some investigations may be left to the discretion of the company, regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, for example, can also mandate investigations. For many companies, they are no longer become an optional step – they become an obligation.
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