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Case Studies

  • AJ Monitoring Tile Image

    Fighting Recidivism of High-Risk Offenders With Veriato

    Veriato helps Parole Officers and prison systems maintain visibility into the online and physical movement and activities of sex offenders and other high-risk individuals as they move among society.
  • cs-tile-suspect-employee

    Detecting Data Theft

    After being caught off guard by an embezzling bookkeeper, Ashton Financial senior executive and de facto Network Admin Chuck Benedon resolved to never again be a victim of insider threat. He sought a software solution to detect data theft and improve operations in the office.
  • cs-tile-law-enforcement

    Successfully Monitoring and Detecting Data Leaks

    One major Law Enforcement Agency in Great Britain needed software that helped deter theft of its intellectual property (IP) to protect vital information. They turned to Veriato to keep their data secure and immediately notify administrators of inappropriate use or theft of intellectual property.


  • Revealing The Dark Web Image

    Revealing The Dark Web

    The Dark Web elevates employees-turned-insiders into a potentially legitimate threat. Employees wishing to turn company access or data into money suddenly have a marketplace in which to do so both profitably and anonymously.
  • wp-tile-2019-Insider-Threat-Program-Maturity-Model-Report

    2019 Insider Threat Maturity Report

    This report was created to help security professionals assess their organization’s ability to monitor for, detect, and respond to insider threats.
  • wp-tile-getting-started-4-Steps-to-monitoring-employees-in-a-remote-workplace

    4 Steps to Monitoring Employees in a Remote Workplace

    This Getting Started brief provides some high-level guidance around how to properly establish the monitoring of remote employees, including what to look for and how to appropriately respond should an issue be discovered.

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