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Veriato Employee Monitoring Software

Why Veriato?

Data Leaks

Protecting company and customer data is the top security priority for organizations. Insiders carried out 60% of cyber attacks, and insider-related breaches drove about 80% of data breach losses in 2015. Employees require access, but that access creates risk of both inadvertent and malicious data leaks. Veriato employs behavioral analysis to identify access to, and movement of, data outside of normal work patterns. Comprehensive insider activity monitoring detects dangerous actions and provides unmatched visibility into exactly what is happening - visibility needed for effective reaction and response.

Monitoring High Risk Positions

All employees have some level of access to corporate data and systems. Some, by the nature of their positions, have elevated privileges. Frequently these are employees involved in the creation of the products and services that make up the organization’s value proposition, or have access to sensitive data types like customer records, financials, and employee PII. Trust is a foundational element of an organization’s relationship with its people, but trust without verification places the organization at risk. Veriato’s ability to provide insight into both the behavioral patterns, and online activity, of privileged users sits at the core of a robust data protection strategy.

IP Theft by Departing Employees

The ‘High Risk Exit Period’, comprised of the 30 days prior to notice of resignation or termination, is the most common time for critical data to be taken by insiders. 59% of employees who leave an organization say they take sensitive information with them. Organizations should review departing employees’ online activity, but few do so effectively without purpose-built solutions that enable this practice. Veriato creates a system of record of employee activity that perfectly aligns to this need, providing a single pane of glass capability to accurately assess and react to the risk to data security posed by departing employees.

Incident Response

When external forces attack, company cyber security experts handle the response. Insider attacks require an extended incident response team, typically including Legal, HR, business line management, and at times, the courts. Swift decision-making and sure response requires clear communication of exactly what is happening and who is involved. Presenting evidence in clear, concise, non-technical format can make the difference between effective response and damaging attack. CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, and to share that understanding quickly and effectively with the extended team to get results.

Workplace Investigations

Inappropriate workplace behavior can have profound negative impacts on morale and productivity. Disputes between co-workers or management and employee create significant distractions that jeopardize the team’s mission, and lack of clear documentation can increase the cost of defending against wrongful termination claims and expose the organization to legal risks. Veriato solutions are used everyday to create definitive records of events that have been tested and proven reliable over and again. In addition, studies have shown more than 90% of insider threat cases were preceded by negative workplace events, making workplace investigations a security issue as well.

Productivity & Planning

Having insight into employee and departmental workflows is invaluable when making staffing decisions. Assessing the effectiveness of tools in use and training programs can lead to marked upticks in efficiency. Studying the way top performers structure their day, and the resources they use to achieve results, can inform new hire onboarding, cutting down on ramp up times and improving overall productivity. Veriato collects and aggregates a wide-range of information related to the day-to-day activity taking place in the online and communications fabric of an organization, and delivers high value reports and insight that are used to both increase the top line and improve the bottom line.