On-Premises Employee Monitoring

Record and review anything or everything that your employees do on their PC's, Macs and Android Devices. All data including screenshots, logs and reports will be stored locally in your SQL database.

See & Record Everything!

clock-1Productivity Reports
keystroke_monitoringKeystroke Monitoring
emailEmail Monitoring
user_asleepUnusual Behavior Alerts
social_mediaSocial Media Monitoring
monitor2Language Analysis
googleOnline Searches
printerPrinter Use
videoContinuous Screenshots
pen_drive-1USB Stick Use
webpageWebsite Interactions
conversationChats & IMs
network_monitorNetwork Usage
file_transfer-1Document Movement
location-1Geolocation (Android)
windowsApplication Use

Playing back screenshots is simple with DVR controls.

Push the big play below to see screenshot recording in action.

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Get reports showing exactly what your employees are doing.

Social Media Activity Stats
Veriato Customer - Sony
Veriato Customer - TaskUs
Veriato Customer - Northup
Veriato Customer - Bridgestone
Veriato Customer - Lockheed
Veriato Customer - Amway