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Veriato Vision remote employee time tracking software lets employers track employee productivity, attendance, idle vs active time and monitors user activity - providing visibility into whether the team is working hard... or hardly working.

Vision is installed on the employees' endpoint,  you can remotely track attendance, productivity and hours worked by department, group or individual. Vision supports hybrid, work-from-home and in-office employee activity tracking.

It's highly flexible, so each organization can determine what exactly what user activities should be tracked, as well as control over what each administrator can actually view. For example, some organizations choose to track time spent on each productive or unproductive activity, while others simply use Vision to track idle time vs active time. 

Vision Employee Tracking Software is cloud-hosted, so there's no hardware to buy, making deployment simple and fast. Vision can be run in silent mode, making it imperceptible to the end user.

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Activity Logs, Idle Time Logs, Productivity Scores & More

Veriato Vision makes it easy to get back visibility into how employees are spending their workdays - especially now that so many employees are working from home. We help organizations - large and small - keep track of their employee activity via our user-friendly dashboards and easy-to-interpret charts and reports. 


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Productivity Reports

Preconfigured and customizable, employee activity reports can be viewed online or sent to you via email. Find out which employees spend their time working hard and who's abusing Internet usage. Veriato Vision gives you the clarity you need to manage effectively and maximize productivity.

Real Time Alerts

Catch potential problems in realtime. Set up custom alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites or download non-productive programs and apps.

Insider Threat Security

Get alerted about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data (e.g., client lists, financials, customer data, etc.). Vision constantly analyzes all employees' behavior to see if they fall outside normal behavioral ranges, which may be indicative of a security risk.

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Included in Vision Employee Tracking Software:

Idle and Active Time Tracking

Track how many minutes an employee's computer was idle or active during the workday. 


Productivity Tracking

Assign productivity scores to websites, programs and applications, so you'll be able to easily see how much time your team spends on productive or non-productive sites and activities.


Screenshots - Optional Included

When conducting a workforce investigation, it may be highly useful to create a visual record of all employee computer activities. Vision offers three types of screenshots: Continuous, Keyword Triggered and Activity Triggered. 


Flexible Workhours & Privacy Settings

Vision enables you to set flexible work hours by team/department. You can decide when tracking starts and ends throughout the day - and how many hours during any specific time period should be counted towards attendance and productivity.


Veriato Endpoint Control - Optional Add On

Endpoint Control lets you remotely access and lock down lost, stolen or compromised PCs and Macs. You can also remotely delete or retrieve any files or folders. Additionally, real-time geolocation tracking lets you locate a lost or stolen laptop.

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