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Remote screen monitoring software allows managers and business owners to monitor the online actions of employees from any location. This is especially beneficial for companies that employ remote workers, or those who work outside a traditional office environment.

On a beach? Or hiking through the Appalachians? As long as the area offers internet access, managers and company leaders can monitor online office activities.

The software can be accessed from any device to ensure that employees are staying on task and abiding by the company’s internet and mobile device policies. Time tracking features will show hours spent on each task as well as the online sites accessed by employees. In addition, the software captures each time an employee logs in or out of the company server.

Software also logs texts, emails and chats during business hours and across all platforms. Remote software enables managers to block specific sites—like social media—to ensure that workers aren’t distracted or side-tracked by personal activities.

Accessing the software remotely provides managers and business owners with peace of mind regarding office activities and productivity. Data provided by the software can show which employees are on-track and who isn’t meeting expectations. This allows managers to stop bad habits before they affect the company’s bottom line.

How can Web Monitoring Software Help my Business?

Web monitoring software allows for managers and company leaders to effectively gauge office productivity and track internal activities. Software captures time spent on the server and tracks all internet data and activities.

However, software can be tailored to meet the needs of specific industries, too. Managers can track key phrases that enable the company to catch fraud or other dangerous activities. Key logs can alert the company when financial accounts are accessed or breached and can help managers spot identity theft (in the case of breached social security numbers) and theft of proprietary information.

Monitoring software also can help companies defend against issues from litigation. As the software tracks and records all digital data, the company has the paper trail (or digital trail) to prove or disprove certain allegations.

Monitoring data can help motivate employees, too. Tracking productivity allows company leaders to see who is excelling at their position…and who is falling behind. This information can be used in yearly reviews to reward employees with additional raises or promotions.

When the software shows that the whole company is falling behind in productive hours, this may lead to decision makers generating new policies or protocols.

How to Choose an Enterprise Employee Monitoring Software?

Every company is unique and has specific needs they may wish to monitor. When choosing an enterprise employee monitoring software, the company should consider:

  • Budget
  • Monitoring needs
  • Devices that need to be monitored
  • Number of employees

Small businesses may have financial constraints that affect the monitoring software they select. When budget is an issue, it may be necessary to choose a more basic monitoring program. Look at the budget numbers to better understand how much the company can allocate toward monitoring.

Companies also may be able to opt for more basic monitoring services. Perhaps tracking internet activity and productivity are the only concerns. Larger companies may need more from software, however. They may need software that aids in employee investigations or data loss prevention.

The number of devices that require monitoring also affect the cost of the software. A large number of employees and individual devices will boost the price of monitoring. When initiating a monitoring program, it’s recommended to include the software for every company owned device. This means that if an employee has a company issued tablet, phone and laptop, the software should be initiated on all of those devices.

Can all mobile devices be monitored with Veriato? Yes! Veriato is compatible with iOS and Android devices to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the company.

What are the Ideal Features of Small Business Monitoring Software?

Again, small businesses may have fewer monitoring needs than larger businesses…or they may need more monitoring features. The ideal features of small business monitoring depend on the industry, the number of employees and the devices used in business communications. Smaller businesses may provide multiple devices to their employees, especially if employees work remotely.

The best advice is to deploy the software on every company issued device and choose the monitoring package that best meets the needs of the company’s industry. Even a small business may need additional software to help facilitate employee investigations, if they are in an industry that is at a greater risk for fraud or theft.

Small businesses with a lower risk for fraud may simply need to deploy monitoring to track online activities and productivity. Every business needs to assess their unique needs and find a program that meets these needs.

Veriato’s customer service specialists can help business owners find the software that provides the best protection at the best price.

What is Cloud-Based Employee Monitoring?

Cloud-based employee monitoring provides monitoring services via a cloud-based platform. For business owners, this means that the software data can be accessed anywhere. Login from home, the beach or anywhere that has an internet connection. All data is stored safely and securely on the cloud, too, which means all past data is always accessible.

Cloud-based monitoring is more secure in that it doesn’t require companies to install the software with a separate drive or USB. Software run via a cloud also may be less prone to glitches, as the software is updated remotely.

How Can Employee Screen Recording Software Help a Company Against Litigation?

Employee screen recording software is vital to helping companies during litigation procedures. Whether a company needs to prove or disprove a claim, all online and mobile data from each employee is saved, tracked and recorded.

All data can be provided to the company’s legal team when needed. Since every employee’s actions are monitored and recorded while online, companies also can catch possible illicit behavior before it becomes a liability.

Software also allows for companies to block sites that could increase the risk of liability. Social media apps, gambling sites, and all adult content can be filtered or blocked.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Right for Your Company?

Ready to take the next step in protecting your business and ensuring your employees stay on task? Schedule a free trial today! Veriato’s customer service specialists can help find the best monitoring program for your company!

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Employee Activity Recording & Tracking

Web Searches
Website Interactions
File Movement
Email & Webmail
Unusual Behavior
Productivity Tracking
Social Media
Application Use
Instant Messaging
Network Access
Print Tracking
Use of USB Devices

Screenshots, Reports, Logs, & Video Review

Reviewing screenshot recordings is simple. Just download them as a video file and click "PLAY" to see exactly what an employee was doing on their computer. You can print activity logs, reports and screenshots for use as a management tool or for evidence in legal proceedings.


Knowledge is Power

Customizable Productivity Reports

Preconfigured and customizable, employee activity reports can be viewed online or sent to you via email. Find out which employees spend their time working hard and who's abusing Internet usage. Veriato Vision gives you the clarity you need to manage effectively and maximize productivity.

Real Time Alerts

Catch potential problems in realtime. Set up custom alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites or download non-productive programs and apps.

Insider Threat Security

Get alerted about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data (e.g., client lists, financials, customer data, etc.). Vision constantly analyzes all employees' behavior to see if they fall outside normal behavioral ranges, which may be indicative of a security risk.

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Web Filtering

Veriato Vision's Web Filtering lets you easily see and restrict which websites your employees visit. Maximize productivity, and protect your organization by blocking access to dangerous, inappropriate or time wasting websites.



Block by Category
Block complete categories (e.g., gambling, adult, shopping, etc.)

Block by URL
Block specific sites (e.g.,



Gives you the ability to block all web sites except those you deem appropriate (e.g., your own website)

Optional Add Ons

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Veriato Vision in your data center

  • SQL Server Required
  • Integrates with Active Directoryy
  • Compatible with VDI (Citrix etc)
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Cloud or On-Premises?

If you’d prefer to keep your recorded data in house (on-premises) in your own SQL database, Veriato has a solution for you. Just click here to learn about our on-premises solution.

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Optional Add Ons

Veriato DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is designed to safeguard your most valuable data. With DLP you can identify and tag sensitive data and monitor its movement and access. Additionally, if an unauthorized user accesses the data, you'll be alerted and they'll be blocked from removing it via email, USB stick, cloud uploads and more.

Veriato Endpoint Control

Endpoint Control lets you remotely access and lock down lost, stolen or compromised PCs and Macs. You can also remotely delete or retrieve any files or folders. Additionally, real-time geolocation tracking lets you locate a lost or stolen laptop.

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