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Integrated & Intelligent


Veriato CEREBRL watching Watching

Cerebral continually watches all user behaviors on every Windows workstation and server, MAC and Android device. It monitors all files, application, emails, chats, internet and network usage, psycholinguistics and more.

Veriato CEREBRAL analyzing Analyzing

Veriato AI continually analyzes all user behavior for signs of threat, including indications of stolen credentials.

iVeriato CEREBRAL alerting ALERTING

As soon as a threat is detected, Cerebral alerts the security team. Additionally, integrated alerting minimizes the security team’s workload.

iVeriato CEREBRAL seeing Seeing

Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR gives you an immediate video playback of the user’s on-screen actions. This allows you to quickly see the nature of the threat.

iVeriato CEREBRAL reacting Reacting

Video playback lets you react immediately and with 100% confidence, notifying building security and management while you isolate the endpoint from the network. Additionally, Cerebral's video evidence is crucial for legal action.