Veriato 360

Video Playback & Export

Video Playback of captured screen activity let’s you see exactly what happened, as it happened, in context. Nothing eliminates gray areas better.  See the complete picture by seeing the complete picture.

Reviewing activity is as easy as watching a show on a DVR. There is no more powerful, clear, and context-rich way to review activity. You may have thousands of screenshots for an individual user, but finding the one you are looking for is very easy. When viewing a recorded event you can easily navigate automatically to the screenshot that was taken closest to the time of the recorded event. Or, if you prefer, you can browse all of the screenshots in chronological order, with a navigation bar allowing you to go to any point in time quickly and easily.
Captured screenshots can be exported as individual BMP or JPB files, or multiple screenshots can be exported in an AVI file for playback outside of the console.
Video Playback