Insider Threat
Veriato Products

Employee Monitoring Software


Veriato Recon

User Behavior Analytics

Veriato Recon user behavior analytics software analyzes insider behavior, detects anomalies, and alerts when behavioral shifts suggest insider threat. The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver actionable alerts.

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Veriato 360

User Activity Monitoring

Veriato 360 user activity monitoring software provides unmatched visibility in the online and communications activity of employees and contractors. Veriato 360 is the system of record, presenting detailed, accurate, and actionable data for use in incident response, high-risk insider monitoring, and productivity reporting. 

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Veriato Investigator

Employee Investigations

Veriato Investigator employee investigation software is a solution for temporary focused investigations that installs quickly, records detailed information on employee activity, and enables fast, accurate, and efficient exploration and playback of the recorded data. Veriato Investigator provides the answers you need so informed decisions get made.

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RansomSafe Ransomware Protection

Veriato RansomSafe

Ransomware Defense

Veriato RansomSafe acts as a vital layer in your ransomware defense, combining just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms to detect, and shut down attacks before they hold your business hostage. Installs and configures in less than 10 minutes. Get protected.

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IT Admin Software


Veriato Log Manager

IT Admin Tool

Veriato log management software provides powerful reporting and consolidation tools for Windows server event log, syslog, or even text log files. Centrally monitor Windows, Unix, Linux, switches, routers, hubs and more by consolidating all of your event logs in one place, then use data filters and multi-level criteria to create powerful reporting options.

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Veriato Server Manager

IT Admin Tool

It's not enough to simply log server and network activity. Without the server management tools to effectively aggregate and analyze changes to the resources and traffic within those logs, your corporate network is exposed to potential downtime and threats.

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