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Monitor, Alert and Report on Employee Computer Activity

Veriato solutions enhance security, investigations and productivity. Analyze employee computer activity and communications.

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Designed to deliver the visibility and context needed to monitor
and track employee activity for a variety of outcomes

Veriato 360 - Employee Computer Monitoring Software - Video Playback

Video Playback

Veriato computer monitoring software uses a screen recorder that allows you to see the context of an event by watching the playback of the screen activity exactly as it occurred.
Veriato 360 - User Activity Monitoring Software - File Document Tracking

File & Document Tracking

Track activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed.
Web Activity

Web Activity

Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, Veriato employee monitoring software records and maintains information about web activity, including how long a user was engaged or active on a site.
Email Recording

Email Recording

Capture communications activity in traditional email clients as well as many popular webmail services, and have a searchable system of record that can be alerted and reported on.
Veriato 360 - Employee Monitoring Software Mac - Keystroke Logging

Keystroke Logging

When needed, the option to record every keystroke, including “hidden” characters and combinations, insures you have the visibility you need into the activity of highly privileged users. With the Veriato keylogger feature, all keystrokes can be recorded.
Veriato 360 - Mac Monitoring Software - Quick View Panels

Quick View Panels

Action-oriented charts that provide a high level view of aggregated data, and allow for click and drill-down exploration of events.
Veriato 360 - PC Monitoring - Alerting


Powerful activity alerting keeps you informed about potential security and policy violations, and can serve as a trigger to accelerate data capture when events you define occur.
Veriato 360 - User Activity Monitoring - Global Search

Global Search

Find all instances of your search criteria located anywhere in the 360 database with one-click access detailed data or screenshots related to the selected event.
Veriato 360 - PC Monitoring Software - Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

Veriato employee monitoring software Integrates with leading SIEMs like Splunk and Arcsight, plus an array of additional integration options to support getting the data you need where you need it.

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