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Monitoring High Risk Positions : How UBA & UAM Help

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Insiders – a company’s employees, vendors, and contractors – may pose a greater threat to cyber security than all outside malicious actors combined. The reason, of course, is quite simple: Insiders already have system authentication and access to any number of the company’s critical cyber assets.

What defines a “high-risk” position from the perspective of a company’s cyber security depends greatly on the nature of the company’s cyber assets. Cyber assets include more than digitized information. They may also include the capabilities of the IT system.


Join cyber security expert, Derek A. Smith (CISSP) and Nick Cavalancia from Techvangelism as they discuss:

  • Who are the individuals in your company in high-risk positions?
  • Why Trust is not Enough
  • How UBA and UAM can help to protect your valuable data
  • How Veriato helps companies monitor high-risk positions
  • General recommendations for monitoring high-risk positions

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