Impostors, Rogue Users, And Other Unwelcome Guests On Your Network

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Today’s cyber criminals have one dream: to navigate your enterprise’s network like a privileged user.


Unfortunately for your business, there is a growing number of exploits that enable these criminals to do just that. And once they're in, it can be hard to tell them from legitimate end users.

How do you know when an impostor is on your network? What tools and techniques do they use to gain user credentials and capabilities? More importantly, how can you detect unauthorized users and lock them out – before they steal your data? In this timely webcast, three top security experts will discuss the methods that attackers use to assume a trusted identity on enterprise networks, and how they behave once they gain access. The panel will also discuss methods you can use to identify behaviors and actions that might tip off a malicious user – and enable you to stop them before they can exfiltrate sensitive information.

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